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TSA Pat-downs Coming to a Train Station Near You (or a mall or a school or…?)

Watch as this woman and her children are searched by TSA agents after they have disempbarked from a train in Savannah Georgia. Now that we will be having “Viper” (Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response) teams at Union Station in Los Angeles, our children and we will be subjected to these kinds of searches at random. Take note also of the agents going through the bags of the people they are searching.

If you still feel this is for your “protection”… you are living in Oz my friend. This looks like preparation of our children for this kind of life in the future. What will be next. Can you imagine what things will be like in 20 years? If the Lord should tarry. Does it look like we are living in a police state? What happened to freedom?

Believers, seek the Lord, ask Him first to reveal to you the dark places in your heart and life- repent. Pray for truth in the church; pray for returning to the simple truth of God’s Word and pray for the remnant of believers to see and hear and act on what they know.

If you are living as if nothing is different, you have not yet gotten off of the milk of the word. We struggle not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities in dark places.  Let’s grow up. Maranatha!


I saw a couple of movies this last week- holidays afford some of us a little extra indulgence. One of the movies,  J. Edgar… was negative, exposing the craftiness, the obsession and gay implications of longtime Federal Bureau of Investigation head, J. Edgar Hoover. War Horse was outstanding in every way.

The comparison was interesting to me… may I?

J. Edgar depicts the originator of the Federal Bureau of Investigation clandestinely spying on people of import and how he used it to get his way in government affairs. Thrown into the mix was the back story of his 24/7 assistant – the story develops more of the gay relationship than the frighteningly controlling Hoover.

In contrast… Go see War Horse! What a movie! A little old fashioned… a young boy who treats his parents with respect and dignity, a husband and wife who love one another despite their weaknesses… a line from the movie after the patriarch feels he has disappointed his wife and son via bad decisions, asks if she will not love him anymore and she replies. “….I may hate you more, but I will not love you any less!”

I left J Edgar feeling like I needed a mind wash. (ie mouth wash).  In this writer’s opinion it was a platform to indoctrinate, and desensitize the masses to the gay lifestyle, and to feed into it’s political correctness, (no pun intended). I did not realize how bad movies can affect the psyche long after they have been viewed.  I left the theatre feeling uncomfortable, not really bad, but affected.

 War Horse– not only was I entertained for 2 1/2 hours, but the movie is filled with beautiful scenes, beautiful animals, beautiful vignettes of relationships… but it is also principled, without gratuitous sex,  inappropriate words or violence. Though there is a lot of shooting and war scenes- they were not overly violent or bloody as most epic movie tend to be.

There is so much to say about this movie! If you are conservative in thought and love what is right, go see this movie. Make it a big hit. Tell your friends to see it. By doing so- perhaps we can turn the cycle of weirdness from Hollywood around.This movie is also good for discussion on many levels, with friends and family.

The bottom line is money. Spend yours on this movie and you will leave the theater conscious of the good things in life and the value of the values you live by. To my recollection there is only one use of a word which could be offensive, and it is used only once. There are several hard scenes to watch, maybe appropriate for age 13, this is for parental discretion.

The visual beauty of this movie would be entertaining enough, bu the story line, adapted from the children’s book by the same name is sweet and wholesome.

Makes me wonder if Spielberg has done some soul searching.

TSA screenings aren’t just for airports anymore – Los Angeles Times

The TSA will be everywhere  now according to the L.A. Times. Do you now seeing a violation of your personal rights? Isn’t your person private? Do you think this is for your safety?

Have we been increasingly “unsafe” here in the United States in the last 10 years? Why now?  Your children, yourself, your most vulnerable family members may be subjected to intensive body searches, like those who have complained about the over enthusiastic TSA agents who go beyond the “call of duty” to intimidate and demoralize their subjects.

Will this be you one day as you drive across the country on family vacation, to visit grandma or take a day trip with your children? Next… martial law?

Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. ~Ben Franklin

TSA screenings aren’t just for airports anymore – Los Angeles Times.

TSA at Union Station

Israel’s Prime Minister wishes Christians a Merry Christmas…

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu  is not afraid to wish Christians around the world a Merry Christmas. But what about our leadership? Christmas is a federal holiday in America.  I bet few would give up their holiday pay- but most certainly have become too cowardly to acknowledge this Christian holiday.

If you are a believer who supports Israel, please forward this encouraging message to your believing friends and family.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Day is a federal holiday celebrated on December 25. Christmas is a Christian holiday marking the birth of the Christ Child. Decorating houses and yards with lights, putting up Christmas trees, giving gifts, and sending greeting cards have become holiday traditions even for many non-Christian Americans. American Holidays

President Ulysses S. Grant declared Christmas a legal holiday in 1870. The bill to make Christmas a holiday was introduced into the House of Representatives by Rep. Burton Chauncey Cook (Illinois). It was approved and passed to the Senate on June 24, 1870. When both houses had agreed on the wording (below) it was passed on to President Grant, who signed it on June 28, 1870. Here is the wording of that act of Congress: An Act making the first Day of January, the twenty-fifth Day of December, the fourth Day of July, and Thanksgiving Day, Holidays, within the District of Columbia. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following days, to wit: The first day of January, commonly called New Year’s day, the fourth day of July, the twenty-fifth day of December, commonly called Christmas Day, and any day appointed or recommended by the President of the United States as a day of public fast or thanksgiving, shall be holidays within the District of Columbia, and shall, for all purposes of presenting for payment or acceptance of the maturity and protest, and giving notice of the dishonor of bills of exchange, bank checks and promissory notes or other negotiable or commercial paper, be treated and considered as is the first day of the week, commonly called Sunday, and all notes, drafts, checks, or other commercial or negotiable paper falling due or maturing on either of said holidays shall be deemed as having matured on the day previous. APPROVED, June 28, 1870 by President Ulysses S. Grant. ~Wiki Answers


Paul McGuire — I Dreamed of the Future and Woke up Screaming

Paul McGuire is an author of 22 books, a prophecy conference speaker and much more. This current News with Views article will stun you.

Paul McGuire — I Dreamed of the Future and Woke up Screaming.

The Great Awakening to Some, the Great Apostasy to God

The following video should scare the socks off of any bible believing Christian.  Glenn Beck appears to be speaking at a church with John Hagee (a supporter of Israel) from the pulpit! How can this be? He is telling his audience that we are in the 3rd great awakening. God is not mocked.  Perhaps this is a situation much like with Balaam’s ass. God will speak through anyone or anything if necessary. Is he using Beck to allow those who are not committed to the word to be led further astray?

Because Beck expresses his belief in Jesus, many biblically uneducated, less than diligent students of the word of God have taken his statement as fact and have begun to follow him, much like a guru. In this statement alone there are problems, but let me continue. Beck is committed to his Mormon faith. He does not apologize nor does he express any disagreement with the Later Day Saints religious philosophies.

I have repeatedly heard him say he researched religions and chose the LDS church because he felt it was the most true to it’s creeds, (my words not his.)

4. Is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints just another Protestant religion?

No, the Mormon Church does not claim to be Protestant. It claims to be a divine restoration of Christ’s true church. It therefore rejects the validity of any other church. Its basic beliefs place it outside the standard doctrines of Christianity. Mormonism teaches that the God to whom they pray is but one of a whole series of gods who at one time were mortal then progressed to godhood. The LDS Church teaches that their Heavenly Father was once born as a spirit child of a god and wife who ruled a different world. After maturing as a spirit being he was sent to another world where he was born as a human. There he grew to maturity, married, died, was resurrected, went to heaven, progressed and eventually became the God of our world. He and his resurrected wife continue to have spirit children born to them in their heavenly realm. The Mormon man, accompanied by his wife, who is faithful to his religion, pays his tithe, attends the LDS temple rituals, etc. is hoping to eventually progress to become a god of another world, just like his Heavenly Father did. ~General Information about Mormonism

from the Utah Lighthouse Ministry

This is not a great awakening, but a great apostasy! When bible believing Christians team up with people who have a completely wrong concept of God just because they “say” they believe in Jesus, we are in terrible trouble. Add this to the 47 to 49 million women who now follow new age guru/”christian” Oprah Winfrey” and what you have is the biblically predicted falling away spoken of in 2nd Thessolonians; believers being misled because they don’t know what the bible says. (2 Thess. 2:3)

May I add one more. Rick Warren and the Emergent Church. Of course now it is called the Church Growth Movement but before I post this, the name will change again. It is the same veiled apostasy. God bless men who desire truth. However, not all who use the name of Christ will tell the truth. Please read other posts here about Rick Warren and his church, his connection with Tony Blair and his sensitivity to the point of question regarding Muslims. He is one who desires like Blair to work together with various religions for a common cause. (Please show me the scripture not taken out of context that instructs us to do this.) So much has been said and documented about him including his peculiar company with New Age and Muslim doctors on his dais for his congregational Daniel Plan. (Which appears to be nothing more than a social gospel; make nice and eat with your neighbors, lose weight so other people will have more to eat… add nauseum.)

Ask yourself, who do I know who is falling away today, then go snatch them from the fire!

Are you a fan of Joel Osteen? Listen up…

Revival comes with true repentance, because God’s people hear His voice and turn from their wicked ways. It is then and only then that he restores their land. Wake up people, we are living in the time of the great apostasy. Someone must call it what it is… will it be you?

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US: Refusal to Veto Detainee Bill A Historic Tragedy for Rights | Human Rights Watch

The president has refused to take language out of the new NDAA bill which would have protected American citizens and preserved some of our rights.

US: Refusal to Veto Detainee Bill A Historic Tragedy for Rights | Human Rights Watch.

And from the London Guardian:Military given go-ahead to detain US terrorist suspects without trial

The world knows what this means… do you?

Government using drones against Americans –

Russia Today interviews Alex Jones on drones being used on American citizens.

Nationwide NDAA protests on Bill of Rights Day slated – National Human Rights |

 On “Bill of Rights Day,” this Thursday; there will be protests and funeral marches commemorating the death of the Bill of Rights due to the presumed passing of the National Defense Autorization Act 2012, (NDAA). It will allow the American military forces to arrest you (an American citizen) without due cause or warrant, to imprison you and keep you indefinitely if you are suspected of anything the Department of Homeland Security considers a threat.

A growing number of elected officials, former military leaders, couterterrorism experts and American rights defenders coast to coast are expressing outrage over the U.S. Congress voting for the NDAA 2012… ~Deborah Dupre, Human Rights Examiner

The following article expresses concern by legistlators, many of them democrats. Tyranny comes in many forms doesn’t it?

Nationwide NDAA protests on Bill of Rights Day slated – National Human Rights |

If You are What you Eat… What Will you Become?

The Monsanto Company grows food for your dinner table in many states, but in 4; Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and Illinois- it’s process to eliminate pests  in corn by genetically engineering the seeds could be failing. A recent article questions whether the corn is really killing the bugs it has been modified to resist. Monsanto Corn May be Failing to Kill Bugs in 4 States. The company also offers wheat products. FAQ About Monsanto and Wheat.

Food, Inc. a documentary (which is easily downloadable from Netflix) reveals how the chemical company who owns a patent on the familiar weedkiller Roundup, is now in the business of genetic modification (GM) of seeds. In the most simple terms: the company is modifying natural seeds with bt toxin (Bacillus thuringiensis (or Bt) is a Gram-positive, soil-dwelling bacterium, commonly used as a biological pesticide;~wiki) thus cutting costs for themselves on the other end of marketing. Sweet corn will now be sold at your local market by Monsanto- which has been genetically modified.

Monsanto to sell genetically modified sweet corn at your market

GM foods serve a potential risk of organ damage studies show. Organ Damage

It isn’t just corn the company is after, soy beans are also on their list.

Montsanto sues farmers for saving  soy beans seeds. The company keeps an array of commonly used seed: Monsanto’s seed bank from the website:

  The company also works with the government and lobbies hard for their products to take the lead over all others.

If you have time: this online free documentary will fill in the blanks.

The World According to Monsanto

Just for fun…

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