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Rick Warren builds bridge to Muslims – The Orange County Register

It’s time to leave Kansas Dorothy-  if we are waiting for something biblical to come out of the Warren camp. This article may clarify why it is that many true biblical teachers, pastors and concerned Christians are separating themselves from anything that has to do with “America’s Pastor.” He is slowly sliding into the agenda of Tony Blair, who by the way has Warren listed on his ” Tony Blair Faith Foundation”  website as a Religious Adviser.

Things are not what they seem. Deceived? The bible promises that those who desire to have their ears tickled, will have what they ask for. Not only that but God himself will give them over to deception. (Search deception on this site in search box.)

What fellowship does light have with darkness?

Rick Warren builds bridge to Muslims – The Orange County Register.

Warren has his fair share of mentions on this site also:

Berkeley Center for Religion Peace and World Affairs

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Rev. Franklin Graham Won’t Say Obama is a Christian

In this video Reverend Franklin Graham is caught between a rock and a hard spot by people who seem to have no concept of what makes one a true Christian. It is painful to watch the repsonses of the interviewers giving the good reverend a hard time after he answers their questions. It appears they enjoyed mocking his remarks. So, the point was not to hear him out but to find fault in whatever he said.

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Transhumanism- it is Here!

Koinonia House/Institute is a very reputable bible study organization. It is headed by Chuck Missler, a well sought after bible prophecy teacher. At a current meeting sponsored by the group, Tom Horn presented  information on Transhumanism. Scientists have already created part animal, part human creatures. Now they want permission to keep and mature them.


Thomas is a nationally recognized lecturer, author, and businessman who has served 25 years in Christian ministry. A veteran speaker, researcher, and freelance writer, Tom has appeared on numerous radio and television programs worldwide. ~News with

Kurt Haskell Exposes Government False Flag Operation During Underwear Bomber Sentencing

A false flag operation is an attempt by a government to stage an attack on their own soil, which in turn gives them responsibility and/or license to implement certain military and legal actions that directly affect the people.

Below, Attorney Kurt Haskell describes his experience on the plane that was boarded  by the so called, “underwear bomber,”  December 25, 2009. In his statement to the court, Haskell describes his experience, the lack of interest in his testimony by the FBI, the admission of the FBI to plant defective bombs in other areas in our country, and his concern that it was a deliberate effort to create new controls over the American people and that the bomber was a “patsy.”

Controls… the Transportation and Security Administration. You know, the x-ray screening machines that will soon be going up in a mall near you? You know… the people who strip search grandma and manhandle little children?  Yes, them. All implemented in an instant after this incident. (Who knew the machines and technology would be so quick at hand?)

February 16, 2012: BREAKING: Kurt Haskell Exposes Government False Flag Operation During Underwear Bomber Sentencing.

L.A. Times on Security After Underwear Bomber is Caught.

Doctors Firing Patients Who Refuse Vaccines

The issue of vaccines at every corner has caused some who are health conscious and aware to pause at the many and prolific opportunities now springing up for Americans to receive shots; either for flu, shingles, whooping cough, or mandatory injections of Gardasil for our preteens. I know my local pharmacy is bent on sticking me with something. There are not only signs every where, in and out of the store- but also stickers on the store displays, even in the non-pharmacy items aisles; next to teddy bears, greeting cards and even Dr. Scholls foot care displays!

Why? Are we a truly sick society? What are the alternatives? Was there ever a flu pandemic as was threatened by government officials all over the world a couple of years ago? Didn’t it turn out to be a farce? Americans are being injected with a myriad of pharmaceuticals which we can now receive (for our own good?) at every Wal-Mart, pharmacy, vitamin stores and any health related place of business. Buyer beware.

In the following article parents are being forced to medicate (via vaccine) their children or not  be treated by their physicians. Oh, we say, our doctor is not like that… wait. When Obamacare hits the streets will we and our loved ones  be wards of the state? Will we still make our own health choices?  Uniquely and out of character- the government will be concerned with how much money it spends on us and our family’s health.

Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to send these needle happy doctors to the border with a syringe full of “whatever” to keep the American people from being exposed to diseases not addressed in other countries? Oh, that’s right…they get free health care here anyway.

After you peruse the article below, check the link I have provided here on vaccines. CLICK HERE. Read a few. Who cares more for a child, we parents or our government?

Doctors Now Firing Patients Who Reject Vaccinations.

Preschooler’s Homemade Lunch Replaced with Cafeteria “Nuggets”

Do you think it is time to tell your believing friends to vote? How much government intervention do you believe you should “subject” your family to experience? The public wave – under government pressure, to change the way you eat has little to do with nutrition. Obamacare anyone?  Could costs of health care by the government have something to do with it? Who will make the decisions about what is right? Not everyone thinks as logically as you or with the wisdom and mind of God.

The story below illustrates one thing… control. We need to get busy now to spend more time on the issues that are changing our culture and maybe less on those potluck fellowships, extra book studies or general activities with other believers…IF it keeps us from being good citizens as God has commanded us.

My beloved sisters… the times of faith in “Aunty Em” to do what needs to be done on the farm are over. We have become “Aunty Em” and the work must be done now. There is no one else to do it.

Preschooler’s Homemade Lunch Replaced with Cafeteria “Nuggets”.

Miss. Bill Could Mean Life Imprisonment for Parents Who Spank

  Say bye-bye to biblical parenting.  There is a a bill being floated in the Mississippi Senate to imprison parents for 10 years and possibily up to life for spanking their children.

Senate Bill 2180, an act to amend a section of the Mississippi Code of 1972, aims to revise the “offense of felonious abuse or battery of a child; and for related purposes.” The bill is sponsored by Senator Brice Wiggins of District 52. ~Christian Post N. America

Proverbs 29:15:

The rod and reproof give wisdom,
But a child who gets his own way brings shame to his mother.

California…will we be next?

Should Christians Spank? Miss. Bill Could Mean Life Imprisonment for Parents, Christian News.

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