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Getting the Experimental Biologic?

You deserve to be informed regarding the consequences from the new experimental biologic being called the vaccine for the new pandemic. Be informed and do your own research. Make a wise decision. Know what is going into your body. This is your responsibility,

Did You Get “THE TEST?”

If you have had “the test” via the drive thru line at your local box store or at your physicians office, or upon admission to a hospital, you were either relieved, or maybe concerned upon getting the results. You took time out of your life, you were a good neighbor avoiding others until you were sure, or stayed home and self-quarantined as a precaution.

Would you feel the same if you were told it was all a sham? Would you even believe it? Yes, you know people who have been sick but did the test prove it, or were symptoms already presenting themselves? Were you told you were just a carrier? Did you stop living and doing what you normally do because of it?

Pastor Chuck Baldwin has compiled some facts in his latest newsletter that will either make you mad, or convinced of what you knew all along. “Yes, I am saying it: The coronavirus scare was a calculated, pre-planned event.” ~Chuck Baldwin

Click the link below to be taken to his column.

Worried About World Events?

The book of Revelation was written to those who know the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a book of things to come regarding the Lord and His people. The following teachings were given by Pastor Steven Anderson a faithful servant of God, a well studied man, with an enormous recollection of scriptures which he has committed to memory. He serves at Faithful Word Baptist Church in Phoenix, Az.

In Lies We Trust

This documentary is old yet more relevant than ever regarding biological weapons, governments and even media AKA Hollywood. Click on the hyperlink below the box. It will take you to the site.

It used to be on Youtube but of course they scrubbed it. The password is already filled in for you. Do not remove it. Just clck on the button to watch the movie. If you want, it is easily downloadable if you know how to do that kind of thing.

Direct Evidence of Aborted Baby’s Used in recent and previous Experimental Biologics

LifeSite is a Catholic web site standing in the gap for the life of the unborn. I do not condone the faith principles of the Catholic church. I do however admire those individuals who are fighting on a daily basis for the life of the unborn child.

This video is graphic in descriptions but dare I say SOMEONE must tell the truth. We must hear the awful truth. Without it, there can be no true commitment to stand firm. They information in this short video should send all of us to research, learn more and educate those around us who are so anxious to receive an experimental biologic.

Believer beware… to whom much is given much is required. Ignorance will be no excuse as we stand before our God, alone and responsible for truth.

Doctors and Current Theories

Dr. Simone Gold speaks to the current pandemic sharing her personal story and how she came to creating America’s Frontline Doctors. She also gives concise suggestions for remedies available through America’s Frontline Doctors that have been dismissed by the major players in the pandemic including the CDC. She is not only a licensed MD but also an attorney.

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