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Great vaccine debate: Kennedy Jr. Vs. Deshowitz

Robert Kennedy Jr. Describes himself as a Libertarian at heart. He is brilliant regarding vaccines and pharmaceutical injuries. He has done copies research. In the end… Deshowitz was not even a contendrr. Support this by watching so more info can get out there before the COVID-19 vaccine is pushed by big pharma.

Watch “Heated Vaccine Debate – Kennedy Jr. vs Dershowitz” on YouTube

Stand up for your Ownership of your OWN body… you are not an experiment

Everyone has a right to their own body. We are not owned by anyone. Think now how you will stand up to the ghouls who want to force “vaccinate” you. See the brighteon link below by Mike Adams

Also cut and paste this link to find a document you may want to have stashed away for future resistance. Or you can print it right from this site. See the upper right corner for printing.

available form

This is Mike Adams on refusing the vaccine on Brighteon

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