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I saw a couple of movies this last week- holidays afford some of us a little extra indulgence. One of the movies,  J. Edgar… was negative, exposing the craftiness, the obsession and gay implications of longtime Federal Bureau of Investigation head, J. Edgar Hoover. War Horse was outstanding in every way.

The comparison was interesting to me… may I?

J. Edgar depicts the originator of the Federal Bureau of Investigation clandestinely spying on people of import and how he used it to get his way in government affairs. Thrown into the mix was the back story of his 24/7 assistant – the story develops more of the gay relationship than the frighteningly controlling Hoover.

In contrast… Go see War Horse! What a movie! A little old fashioned… a young boy who treats his parents with respect and dignity, a husband and wife who love one another despite their weaknesses… a line from the movie after the patriarch feels he has disappointed his wife and son via bad decisions, asks if she will not love him anymore and she replies. “….I may hate you more, but I will not love you any less!”

I left J Edgar feeling like I needed a mind wash. (ie mouth wash).  In this writer’s opinion it was a platform to indoctrinate, and desensitize the masses to the gay lifestyle, and to feed into it’s political correctness, (no pun intended). I did not realize how bad movies can affect the psyche long after they have been viewed.  I left the theatre feeling uncomfortable, not really bad, but affected.

 War Horse– not only was I entertained for 2 1/2 hours, but the movie is filled with beautiful scenes, beautiful animals, beautiful vignettes of relationships… but it is also principled, without gratuitous sex,  inappropriate words or violence. Though there is a lot of shooting and war scenes- they were not overly violent or bloody as most epic movie tend to be.

There is so much to say about this movie! If you are conservative in thought and love what is right, go see this movie. Make it a big hit. Tell your friends to see it. By doing so- perhaps we can turn the cycle of weirdness from Hollywood around.This movie is also good for discussion on many levels, with friends and family.

The bottom line is money. Spend yours on this movie and you will leave the theater conscious of the good things in life and the value of the values you live by. To my recollection there is only one use of a word which could be offensive, and it is used only once. There are several hard scenes to watch, maybe appropriate for age 13, this is for parental discretion.

The visual beauty of this movie would be entertaining enough, bu the story line, adapted from the children’s book by the same name is sweet and wholesome.

Makes me wonder if Spielberg has done some soul searching.

TSA screenings aren’t just for airports anymore – Los Angeles Times

The TSA will be everywhere  now according to the L.A. Times. Do you now seeing a violation of your personal rights? Isn’t your person private? Do you think this is for your safety?

Have we been increasingly “unsafe” here in the United States in the last 10 years? Why now?  Your children, yourself, your most vulnerable family members may be subjected to intensive body searches, like those who have complained about the over enthusiastic TSA agents who go beyond the “call of duty” to intimidate and demoralize their subjects.

Will this be you one day as you drive across the country on family vacation, to visit grandma or take a day trip with your children? Next… martial law?

Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. ~Ben Franklin

TSA screenings aren’t just for airports anymore – Los Angeles Times.

TSA at Union Station

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