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Catherine Austin Fitts- Planet Lockdown

Catherine Austin-Fitts provides Investment Advisory Services. She has a unique take on what is going on regarding lockdowns. She describes the pillars from which global change is coming and attributes world changes to “Mr. Global, ” who has yet to be identified. Austin-Fitts puts complicated issues into easily understandable terms.

In particular, she explains why and who may have encouraged the locations of BLM and Antifa riots. Austin-Fitts focus is in following the money.

Try the following link. Scroll half down the page, both videos on the left. column of the page are the same.

Catherine Austin Fitts Full Interview Planet Lockdown.mp4

Focus on Fauci

If you were not able to get to the link, the 2 hour video exposing Fauci and his involvement with big pharma and the covid vaccine, click on the link below.

It starts with remarks by Shasha Stone and continues with presentations then a brief Q and A. Please pass the link on to friends and family. The presenters do not believe Fauci is America’s doctor. In fact, their statements lead to thoughts of something more sinister.



Log on to the above link January 5 to hear Robert F. Kennedy Jr., with guests indict Anthony Fauci on vaccines. Check your local time as the event will be held in GMT time. Either 11 a.m. or 4 p.m. Please share this information with everyone you know who cares about what is going on with Covid vaccines and Anthony Fauci.


No to any mandatory Covid Vaccine. Never. NO!

V Revealed

This is new series of updated information on vaccines. This is not an anti-vax series; it is a series addressing the truths about how vaccines are viewed and handled by doctors, government and pharmaceutical companies. Before you get in the back of the line for the Corona Virus vaccine, see these videos. It is a series of 8. Each day a new one will be uploaded on Youtube. See this one and easily find the others at the site.

Great vaccine debate: Kennedy Jr. Vs. Deshowitz

Robert Kennedy Jr. Describes himself as a Libertarian at heart. He is brilliant regarding vaccines and pharmaceutical injuries. He has done copies research. In the end… Deshowitz was not even a contendrr. Support this by watching so more info can get out there before the COVID-19 vaccine is pushed by big pharma.

Watch “Heated Vaccine Debate – Kennedy Jr. vs Dershowitz” on YouTube

Stand up for your Ownership of your OWN body… you are not an experiment

Everyone has a right to their own body. We are not owned by anyone. Think now how you will stand up to the ghouls who want to force “vaccinate” you. See the brighteon link below by Mike Adams

Also cut and paste this link to find a document you may want to have stashed away for future resistance. Or you can print it right from this site. See the upper right corner for printing.

available form

This is Mike Adams on refusing the vaccine on Brighteon

Dr. Annie Bukacek on False Covid -19 Death Certificates.

Dr. Annie Bukecek (Montana) gives a short explanation of how the Covid-19 virus stats are being fudged to keep Americans in our homes by government command.

Doctors are automatically listing the illness on death certificates without any other tests or autopsies to confirm.

Chuck Baldwin and others on the Wuhan Flu and Freedom

Chuck Baldwin has a clear perspective on what is causing panic for the American people. He believes it is not accident, it is a planned event. Clear thinking people are beginning to not only distrust the media, but also their government.

April 2, Chuck Baldwin Live: Now We Know How Germany Let it Happen

Here is a link to the audio of the column; duration about 20 minutes.

Audio Link


Ron Paul has some clear thoughts on the Corona Virus also and believes it is time to end the shutdown.

What About the Grief?

man in blue and brown plaid dress shirt touching his hair

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The stock market dwindles before our eyes. Jobs that barely provide food and shelter for families are being halted. Businesses are being told to shut their doors for the sake of the public, churches are shuttering their doors…but who is addressing the grief?
Perhaps your state has not yet felt the large losses of life that other states are facing. The people who are experiencing the loss of a loved one may not even be able to have a memorial. Money can be earned, borrowed, gifted, invested and stockpiled. Life cannot. Once we say goodbye to a loved one and they leave this world, our world changes forever.
I don’t know about anyone else, but I sense the grief. We know more people will pass due to either the virus or complications. Will I know them? Does anyone really cares?
Media pundits love spitting out numbers of cases and kits and deaths. I haven’t heard anyone address the loss of family members, or unfamiliar souls who deserve the dignity of remembrance of their life.
All the cliche’s are short and sweet about this life as we know it, but things are changing fast. Anyone hoping the government will take away their fears or make them better are counting on the wrong source.
Just a few months ago we were arguing about what to call each other, now more serious issues are beginning to shed light on what is important. I haven’t heard one news report on any person on the list of infected or deceased people referred to by their sexual identity. It doesn’t seem to matter when a life is lost, there is only reason to grieve.
Because we are Americans, many of us may childishly think we are immortal or untouchable when it comes to losing control of our environment. We have lost control and many of us will be affected, if not by the disease it will be the grief.
It’s never too late, too corny or too morbid to get right with God. Maybe that’s part of the reason for the pandemic. I am not suggesting cruelty from God, I am suggesting the removal of His hand of protection from a world who kills it’s unborn, interferes with and alters gender and has no regard or respect for His plan for the family to include a man as a father and a woman as a mother.
The reality of one true God has been proven through history. One God, and one son who said, ‘I and the Father are one.”
America if full of churches and people who say they are Christians. Our first defense is admitting our offense; sins of omission, commission, playing church, lack of repentance, commitment and knowledge of the Word of God. Let the church be the redeeming factor in this pandemic. Let all of us be led to a different grief; one of repentance, for taking what we’ve been given so lightly.