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California Parents Beware

California parents are losing their right to their children’s health decisions, and all of us are being pressed to give up our sovereign right to our own bodies  against unwanted medical invasive injections and therapies by government mandate. Christina Hildebrand is looking for support to keep the idea of medical choice on the side of the patient and parent. Support her while choice is still an option. Pass the information on to parents you know.  Visit her webpage at A Voice For Choice.

A Voice For Choice: 

  • Promotes people’s rights to be fully informed about the composition, quality, and short- and long-term health effects of food and pharmaceutical products.

  • Educates people about these issues and their rights to be informed consumers and control what they put in their bodies.

  • Supports large-scale primary and secondary research into these issues.

  • Works with doctors, nutritionists, researchers and other professionals to ensure the information we share is the most up to date.



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