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Australian Pastor’s Prophetic Message on Trump

This is a challenging message by an Australian Pastor who has a biblical perspective on the candidate Donald Trump. He parallels him in some ways with Old Testament prophecies and how God has chosen unbelieving men in the past to fulfill His will. Very interesting.

Tree Huggers, Go Eat Dirt!

For every environmentalist and tree hugger in California, for every lunatic politician there, I say… YOU go eat the dirt off the land where once fruits, and vegetables grew and people thrived with work and income!

The dry land is being whisked away in the wind in the California Central Valley. What is happening to California’s water conservation debacle is the outcome of insanity. Not only is the economy of Central California dying, but the people  who worked there are beginning to starve; dependent on the government to survive. Starting out to save fish, the outcome is now, “save the fish to starve the people.” Farm workers willing and desiring to toil in the fields now stand in food lines, dependent on government sustenance.

The following video explains why everyone in the United States should be focusing our attention on the Central Valley of California. Your next meal may depend on it.



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