The Great Awakening to Some, the Great Apostasy to God

The following video should scare the socks off of any bible believing Christian.  Glenn Beck appears to be speaking at a church with John Hagee (a supporter of Israel) from the pulpit! How can this be? He is telling his audience that we are in the 3rd great awakening. God is not mocked.  Perhaps this is a situation much like with Balaam’s ass. God will speak through anyone or anything if necessary. Is he using Beck to allow those who are not committed to the word to be led further astray?

Because Beck expresses his belief in Jesus, many biblically uneducated, less than diligent students of the word of God have taken his statement as fact and have begun to follow him, much like a guru. In this statement alone there are problems, but let me continue. Beck is committed to his Mormon faith. He does not apologize nor does he express any disagreement with the Later Day Saints religious philosophies.

I have repeatedly heard him say he researched religions and chose the LDS church because he felt it was the most true to it’s creeds, (my words not his.)

4. Is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints just another Protestant religion?

No, the Mormon Church does not claim to be Protestant. It claims to be a divine restoration of Christ’s true church. It therefore rejects the validity of any other church. Its basic beliefs place it outside the standard doctrines of Christianity. Mormonism teaches that the God to whom they pray is but one of a whole series of gods who at one time were mortal then progressed to godhood. The LDS Church teaches that their Heavenly Father was once born as a spirit child of a god and wife who ruled a different world. After maturing as a spirit being he was sent to another world where he was born as a human. There he grew to maturity, married, died, was resurrected, went to heaven, progressed and eventually became the God of our world. He and his resurrected wife continue to have spirit children born to them in their heavenly realm. The Mormon man, accompanied by his wife, who is faithful to his religion, pays his tithe, attends the LDS temple rituals, etc. is hoping to eventually progress to become a god of another world, just like his Heavenly Father did. ~General Information about Mormonism

from the Utah Lighthouse Ministry

This is not a great awakening, but a great apostasy! When bible believing Christians team up with people who have a completely wrong concept of God just because they “say” they believe in Jesus, we are in terrible trouble. Add this to the 47 to 49 million women who now follow new age guru/”christian” Oprah Winfrey” and what you have is the biblically predicted falling away spoken of in 2nd Thessolonians; believers being misled because they don’t know what the bible says. (2 Thess. 2:3)

May I add one more. Rick Warren and the Emergent Church. Of course now it is called the Church Growth Movement but before I post this, the name will change again. It is the same veiled apostasy. God bless men who desire truth. However, not all who use the name of Christ will tell the truth. Please read other posts here about Rick Warren and his church, his connection with Tony Blair and his sensitivity to the point of question regarding Muslims. He is one who desires like Blair to work together with various religions for a common cause. (Please show me the scripture not taken out of context that instructs us to do this.) So much has been said and documented about him including his peculiar company with New Age and Muslim doctors on his dais for his congregational Daniel Plan. (Which appears to be nothing more than a social gospel; make nice and eat with your neighbors, lose weight so other people will have more to eat… add nauseum.)

Ask yourself, who do I know who is falling away today, then go snatch them from the fire!

Are you a fan of Joel Osteen? Listen up…

Revival comes with true repentance, because God’s people hear His voice and turn from their wicked ways. It is then and only then that he restores their land. Wake up people, we are living in the time of the great apostasy. Someone must call it what it is… will it be you?

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