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It’s time to become “Philadelphia”

local churchIt’s time the family of God decide where we stand, and actually do something to express it. It’s time to stop the multimillion dollar organized, “church.”  It’s time to become like the early church. No big buildings, no paid staffs, no tax exempt status. If the federal government will not comply with the law of the land, and the will of the people; the Constitution, if it will no longer respect the beliefs of peaceful citizens who wish only to worship quietly in privacy, and with dignity and conviction, I say, don’t give them anything to violate!

The church will always be the church in the eyes of God, no matter where or how we meet. We all know who we are. We know how to find one another; and we know how to conduct ourselves through the Word of God, so let’s do it. The organized church in America for the most part is a mockery of God’s design for the true church, and the people in it are starving for truth. Study the book of Acts, Hebrews 10 and Colossians 3,  it’s all spelled out. We can live out a biblical church without all the hoopla, the money, the buildings, and the nagging government intervention on our beliefs.

Sell the buildings, give back the keys and let’s be the true church. None of the apostles had membership drives, concerts or car washes. The early church knew one thing… Jesus Christ and Him crucified. They survived on faith and belief in the Savior they knew. How far we’ve come…

It’s not a hard thing. Just do it, and let it come from the leadership.  It would not only take courage… but think of the monetary impact it would have on the economy and the lives of those who are in some form of paid leadership. The apostles made a living and were given gifts by the body for survival. Have our pastors and teachers been faithful in teaching and leading their flocks to trust the outcome of such a change? Would they be able to survive in the real world and still serve those in their charge? Would those in their charge give as the early church did, because of their appreciation for their efforts to teach the Word of God and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ?

Why do we need the tax breaks, or government intervention in anything the true church must accomplish? If there is no organization, who will be required to pay taxes? Who will fear what they may be asked to do?

It isn’t a new idea, it is happening all over the world. It’s called the “underground church.” From my research, it appears many believers are attending home churches because they are not pleased with the “purpose driven” campaigns they are getting, the “bible lite” messages they are hearing and the “worldly music” they are being forced to worship with, in order to draw in crowds. Who by the way, are NOT coming in and staying, unless of course there is something in it for them… and it isn’t God.

The current church in America for the most part looks like the world, and is run like a corporation, thanks to Bill Hybels, Willow Creek Church, Rick Warren, Peter Drucker and a few others you can read about in “Faith Undone,” by Roger Oakland.  That and only that, is the reason the doors are open but no one is interested. All over the world the doors of churches are slammed shut and dust fills the seats of what was once a thriving body. I understand the underground church in China is thriving.

We American believers are ripe for the judgement of God. We have no backbone in general (I know there are some who are fighting the good fight) we have rolled over for a godless political leadership and for the most part, joined them. Politics are a now a big part of the church, but no one is talking about it. Pastors cannot “offend” congregations with truth, because of the support that is required to keep things running.

Does it take an organization to spread the gospel around the world? Didn’t the apostles do the same without modern accoutrements?

Of course, my idea is just a theory, but I believe God is honored when His people take a stand and trust him. All throughout the Old Testament we see God protecting His people with His righteous right arm, when they are first and foremost, devoted to trust in Him for their protection.

God has NEVER required his people to live or conduct themselves as the world has. He has always protected those who belong to Him, when they have put their faith IN Him. In fact, God is grieved when His people cannot be identified with Him in any culture. The Israelites were set apart, the early church was set apart, but is the current church set apart?

Those who are making a good living in the “organized church” would baulk at the idea of giving up the money, prestige and livelihood such a transition would take. Many parishioners wouldn’t know HOW to worship God without these modern comforts. But I wonder… would God provide? Would God be pleased that His people set themselves apart? What does the Bible say?

Today, the church in America is;

(1) Ephesus (Revelation 2:1-7) – the church that had forsaken its first love (2:4).

Smyrna (Revelation 2:8-11) – the church that would suffer persecution (2:10).

Pergamum (Revelation 2:12-17) – the church that needed to repent (2:16).

Thyatira (Revelation 2:18-29) – the church that had a false prophetess (2:20).

Sardis (Revelation 3:1-6) – the church that had fallen asleep (3:2).

Laodicea (Revelation 3:14-22) – the church with the lukewarm faith (3:16).

It’s time to become Philadelphia:

(Revelation 3:7-13) – the church that had endured patiently (3:10).  (~ list of churches from “Got ?’”)

revised: I Want to Break Your Heart

(nchild broken heart imagesote… some of you may not be able to see the following film without going directly to the Pink Apron Regiment website. This is a repost of the original.)

I want to break your heart with the following film,  “The Silent Scream, ” from 1984. It is the controversial video showing an actual abortion via ultra sound.  It is very disturbing.

I can’t imagine what we would be able to see with today’s technology. If you think you are too “delicate” to watch, I say, shame on you! Aren’t the babies who are facing death by extraction with the consent and support of your current administration “delicate?”

No believer should be without understanding about what their elected officials have signed on as law. Not to mention our president.

I remember being a young woman and hearing that abortion had been legalized. I was not a believer at the time, and I always wanted to be a mother, but I wondered that if the government said it was okay…maybe it was. I decided I could never do it but it did trouble me. It left me curious about life, and development in the womb. I just knew by intuition- that a baby in the womb was a person, not a blob.

For those women who have been misled into getting abortions, including believers, I know this  is a sensitive issue. I can’t imagine the devastation of learning after the fact that the “blob” of tissue medical personnel and others referred to as a fetus- was indeed a living, child with heartbeat, and capacity for pain.

In today’s Los Angeles Times it is reported that support for abortion is growing. Could this have anything to do with the ungodly stance our administration is taking? People follow their leaders, sometimes out of ignorance, sometimes out of convenience. Sometimes because they are too lazy to learn the truth. They are confused about what real leadership is… as God designed it.

Watch this short film and remember who it is in your government system that is not only accepting it but endorsing abortion. Most astounding is that our African American/ Black (don’t mean to be offensive, I can’t keep up with the political correctness)  president is contributing to the annihilation of his own people. See: Issues for Life Foundation. 

According to the above websites stats:

“SO FAR IN 2012: Babies aborted by Planned Parenthood: 49,538 | Taxpayer dollars paid to Planned Parenthood: $ 69,112,340″ ~Foundations for life,

and this is only January.

Behold your newly sworn in president, in support of late term abortion. Listen closely at the beginning (turn up the volume) when a reporter asks about “late term abortion,” meaning; up to the time of delivery.

Make up your mind people, where do you stand? The line is in the sand.

It’s Here!

burning constitutionI was having a conversation with one of my sons yesterday, now in his 30’s, about the current sociopolitical climate for freedom loving people in this country. I was telling him about the expose’ “The Marketing of Madness,” (which can be found on You Tube or on this site) regarding an outright campaign funded primarily by drug companies and enhanced by slight of hand government participation, to get every person in America (and elsewhere) on some form of psychotropic drug. This can easily be achieved through the new Executive Orders on Gun Control.

My son has never taken my word for it on anything, he is a researcher by nature. He said in response to me; “Mom, it’s here. Everyone knows there are no more conspiracies, it’s real. The question is… what are we going to do about it?”

I was a little stunned at his response. It somehow confirmed the cold, dark, reality that, it IS here. The Socialist, Marxist, freedom stealing, Christian hating environment we have never seen before in America, is now the norm.

I wonder why most of my believing sisters are still so busy in the kitchen. Why are they still meeting for teas and bible studies in the early morning on Ruth or Mary and Martha, when their country, and right to have such activities, are burning down around them. And while their children are slowly turning into wards of the state, being told they “need medication,” and must comply with muslim tradition when they study that culture.

I am reminded of a dog I once had. A Shetland Sheepdog. I wanted one badly after her predecessor of the same breed ran out of the front door and on to the street in front of an oncoming vehicle. When I went to the breeders house to pick up “Pollyanna,” I didn’t take seriously that not only was she the runt of the litter, but she was skiddish and hid under furniture at every turn. I forked over the money anyway, because I wanted another dog. She never really changed.

Have we all become “Pollyanna’s?”

I have come to a conclusion, one that will seem rather controversial, but needs to be said. “It’s about submission.” Few of us understand the biblical description of who and when we should submit to, and in particular, in my opinion, many believing women are afraid to speak. Hidden behind what some preachers and teachers call their “leader,” (husband) they assume that with that blessing comes mute. Everything they think and feel, all of their opinions must first come under the evaluation of their spouse, or perhaps their pastor. It is a scary thought because I think most women have a closer walk with God than the most learned clergy.

Here’s why…

In the garden, Eve identified her tempter, she confessed to God that she did eat of the tree, who had tempted her (identifying the serpent for the evil being he is) and left herself open to God’s scrutiny. On the other hand, Adam- well good ‘ole Adam, set the stage for his story telling progeny, claiming his wife was his temptress. (Implying: “if it were not for this specimen fashioned from your own hands and my rib, (not from dust) I would not have committed this act.)

The bible teaches us that it is by Adam’s sin that all men are born into sin, not Eve’s. God also promised the same enmity between Eve and the serpent as between the “one who would crush his head,” (Christ). Ever since the garden, it is my assertion that Eve, (woman) has a completely different relationship with her Creator. Hence, women most often have a deeper, more intimate walk with God, because our communication was not tainted by the first lie. Adam’s was. I also assert that it is much more difficult for men in general to humble themselves before God. (Just look in the Old Testament for this one.)

However, women have been trained, “brain-washed;”  if you will, not only to not think for themselves, but also to not take the world around them, and/or prophecy seriously. Before you start praying for my repentance…I did not say all nor do I mean all.  But most women who study the bible are continually bombarded with messages of submission; either to husband, church, pastor, or government, and yet we have the least encumbered relationships with God, and have the greatest influence on our culture.

Behind every great man is an even greater women, but most often she is hoping no one will see her or even ask her a question! We have also come into the world on the heels of at least 6,000 years of deception!

It’s here. It’s all here. The battle for truth and freedom is well on it’s way. Will you accept this wake-up call and get involved.

Take some time and listen to Chuck Baldwin’s series of messages on submission, and think for yourself; and decide what you will do now with the information.

See: Chuck Baldwin on Romans 13 in the drop down menu above titled “Worldviews

The Magical World of “Shrinky Dinks”

shrinky dinks

A snapshot of the real “Shrinky Dinks” website.

When my children were little, we once purchased a fun and silly home craft kit called “Shrinky Dinks.” I believe we used some kind of a mold to shape objects, put them in the oven to bake, and later retrieved a smaller, hardened version of whatever it was we had created.

I think “Shrinky Dinks” is quite and appropriate moniker for the insane industry that is bent on getting every person in America on some kind of psychotropic drug. I don’t mean to harp on this issue but it is an important one, because; if you believe the bible is the inerrant word of God, and you refuse to be “open-minded” (compromising) about other theologies, you are headed for disaster one day, quite possibly in the form of medications to help you change your mind.

Mike Adams, once again has displayed great courage in “telling it like it is,” in his recent article “Era of thought crimes now here as psychiatrists given Judge Dredd authority to strip citizens of their constitutional rights.”

We are on a time clock known only to God. Should the Lord tarry, believers could face some very difficult days ahead, and they seem to be coming rapidly. The newest gun regulations in the form of Executive Orders will force all Americans into answering questions on “mental health screenings” by your doctor, who then will be mandated to report his findings to the government. If you think I am overreacting, I hope you can open a pdf file, because you can read for yourself how perverse things have become in government, and what thoughts are being generated about believers. See the proof in a government document, that when discovered, was retracted. (But was it?)  Strategic Implications of American Millenialism, 

Insanity in a biblical sense, is anyone who does not believe God is who He says He is, the Savior of the world. Not believing this truth is the craziest of thoughts, because one is choosing a quick, and eternally painful trip to hell, on a one way ticket. Oopps! That one statement could get me medicated one day by the thought police.

If you don’t care… what about your children. Will they even have a chance at living an unmedicated life? Some may not be living one now. But, we Americans are the last bastion of hope for the world when it comes to freedom, and religious freedom in particular. Do we throw it all away because Jesus may be coming soon? Do we care enough about those who will be living after us to fight against any theft of life that God alone has bestowed? Will our children and grandchildren be capable of reason under government induced medications?

Watch “The Marketing of Madness” movie on You Tube, or  embedded in a previous post here.

Mike Adams recommends a kind of “boycott” against the mental health industry. He says we should stop going to them, period. I hope you read his article.

Lighten up with Tim Hawkins- “The Government Can”

How far we’ve come since 2009 when this video was uploaded. Thank God for humor.

Meet the REAL Perpetrators of Mass Murder: Psychiatric Drugs

pill bottlesThe American Psychiatric Association has undaunted power to determine whether you or I are mentally incompetent or ill at their discretion. I call it discretion, because there is little, if any scientific data on which  psychiatric illnesses can be measured. (See Natural News: ” The Insane Parade…” ).  See also: Frontline: “The Medicated Child,” a free PBS online documentary.

The bible describes what happens to a person who lives with wrong thinking, wrong standards and a wrong concept of themselves before God. Check out the story of King Nebuchadnezzar. See the Psalms and read how sick King David became physically when he lived with unconfessed sin.

Most important is a statistical list most people will never see,  the media will not expose and politicians would avoid like the plague. SSRI Stories is a website devoted to the exposure of drug related violent crime. See the chart here. Index of Violent Crimes Committed while under the influence of legal mood and brain altering medications.

In my life I have been trained as an Alcohol and Addiction Counselor and also served as a  Volunteer Counselor for a Mental Health Facility in my area. I am/was not impressed. Look at statistics and you will find more and more people are being held less and less accountable for their behaviors. The remedy to their ailments can be found in pharmaceuticals. I think medications are a gift for those who are suffering. Not everyone with a mental problem is directly responsible for their condition. I don’t mean to shed any shame or guilt on those who suffer for unknown reasons. However, Americans are bombarded with drug aids for any and everything since drug companies have been allowed to permeate the airwaves to get your dollars.

A psychiatrist is a pharmacist. His job is to listen to the patient and then to prescribe something pharmaceutical for the condition. A psychiatrist is not a counselor. Most of the counselors are referred to at MFT’s. (Marriage, Family Therapist. Recently changed from MFCC; Marriage, Family, Child Counselor).

The counseling industry also lacks an incredible amount of wisdom, however; they are virtually guiltless when it comes to drugging people into states of frenzy and violence. There is great disagreement among believers as to the validity of “counseling” from other than a biblical view. The “Fathers” of traditional non-biblical counseling were perverted in their thinking, some atheists and others, virtual madmen.

Look at the addiction recovery industry, (of which I never became a part of in the end). It has certainly not eradicated drug and alcohol abuse. In fact, even the thinking on alcohol addiction is changing to support the notion, (and I do mean “notion,” that it is not the “fault” of the individual who can’t help themselves. Never mind the millions who have found sound recovery through accountability in AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) or NA (Narcotics Anonymous)or whatever Anonymous program that has been created. Twelve step programs have gotten a bad reputation in the believing community because there is little understanding of the purpose of the program.  I know many people who have come to a true relationship with God through Christ Jesus, by following the 12 steps. (More on that in some other blog entry.)

Study the Index of Violent Crime and forward it to those you know who feel that an inanimate object, can lift itself, point and fire, on another human being, without the help of brain and flesh.  The issue is in the insane abuse of psychiatric drugs on children and unstable individuals, who need more help than a pill can give. Many of them need to look into the face of God, repent and believe. He offers freedom to anyone who comes to him. Counselors and Psychiatrists have no power to heal. He does.

See this article by James Tracy An Associate Professor of Media Studies at Florida Atlantic University; From Persuasion to Coercion


If you enjoyed Chuck Baldwin’s recent take on gun confiscation, and care about liberty, perhaps his latest column will encourage you. You are in good and intelligent company in believing you have a right to bear arms. Not every one who owns a gun is a fruitcake. In fact most are already law abiding citizens.

Baldwin loves God, His Word, and his country. He is a devoted pastor and true patriot. He understands liberty from the Word of God, and true American history.

If you know a pastor who would benefit from a legal explanation of his rights under the first amendment regarding free speech from the pulpit, go to and purchase a $5 DVD  for him that explains how much he can say politically without losing 501 (c) status for your church.

Click on the link below to read Baldwin’s take on the gun-grabbing politicians.


In the following article, see a 1995 video clip where Eric Holder explain how he thinks the government needs to “brainwash” American citizens to think about guns in a “vastly different way.”

“A well regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained in arms, is the best most natural defense of a free country.” – James Madison

The Truth About Gun Violence

FBI statistics for violent crime are not being used in the gun debate, because if they did use them, there would be no soap box for the politicians.

We Americans are a generally civilized culture. As citizens, once again we are being hoodwinked into thinking we must give up our firearms, when politicians need to focus on the hotbeds of firearm activity; densely populated urban areas. The same areas the Agenda 21 nuts are interested in forcing all of us to live in. The stats are clear from the 2011 FBI report on this You Tube. Pass this on in a hurry and call your legislators. We have to hound them on this one, or one day they will be “hunting” us down, either for our weapons or our opinions on how they do things.

Genocide is always at the hands of government.

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