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Parenting Tips Linked By Federal Site Describe Children As ‘Sexual Beings’

Parenting Tips Linked By Federal Site Describe Children As ‘Sexual Beings’ |

Al Gore out of hiding; blah, blah, blah.. again!

Al Gore seems to be beating his drum again about climate change (old phrase “global warming”). He has come up with a new gimmick- campaign to “win the conversation.” Below see a 3 minute You Tube where he debates the idea that if you do not believe in the effects of global warming, you could be equated with a racist, and yet in the poorest of countries it is the black population who are starving due to the promotion of bio-fuels.

Gore was an enthusiastic supporter of biofuel projects even as it became clear they were exacerbating the starvation of millions of predominantly black people in the third world, and yet he has the temerity to label critics of such practices as “racist”. Part of Gore’s $638 million Generation Investment Management funding was ploughed into the production of biofuels, before Gore himself was forced to admit he was wrong to push biofuels years later, after they had helped kill millions of poor black people. ~Paul Joseph Watson Prison

This is an example of Hegelian Dialectic; “changing the conversation to “win” the conversation.” Simply put, the idea is to make one feel bad on some level for standing on principle, (God never runs out of resources to sustain man) so much so that one is defeated emotionally  because no one else values your opinion or standard- therefore to be accepted, you acquiesce to the new idea.  See Pink Apron Regiment You Tube on Hegelian Dialectic below.

You may hear this new argument amongst sheeple who follow any liberal agenda that edges God out of the picture. Please remember, God hasn’t run out of anything and never will.

This 15 minute You Tube will help explain what is going on in churches and socially around the world to get you to give up your standards and biblical principles for a counterfeit.

Maps Du Jour: Food Inflation Riots and The Libyan Politics- Econo Matters

This is an interesting map illustrating civil unrest, food riots and political upheaval in the world. There is some indication that it is beginning to move into Europe, China and India.

EconMatters  Maps Du Jour: Food Inflation Riots and The Libyan Politics.

See map in larger view here. If you enlarge the map and click on the symbol in Google, a pop-up box will appear with specific information regarding the reason for the use of that symbol in that geographic area.

Washington Monument cracks indicate earthquake damage Photos

Is God not warning America? Cracks in the Washington Monument have occurred due to earthquake damage.

The monument was initially closed right after the earthquake struck at 1:51 p.m. Tuesday. The National Park Service is making no predictions when it will reopen, because evaluations are still underway. ~Washington Post

via Washington Monument cracks indicate earthquake damage Photos – Post Now – The Washington Post.

Israel prepares troops for battle with Bibles – israel today

At least there is still one nation in this world that has reverence for where their freedom and safety originates- Israel.

Lt.-Col. Yitzchak Ben-Yosef, rabbi of the Ground Forces Command, suggested that unlike during the height of the fighting during the recent “Oslo War,” the IDF will be prepared with enough Bibles for all soldiers.

israel today | Israel prepares troops for battle with Bibles – israel today.

From the Lighthouse Newsletter – August 23, 2011

Don’t miss these articles about the Vineyard movement and Calvary Chapels. Also read a response to a recent article written by John MacArthur on the Grace to You website. His impressions are that the emergent church movement has fizzled out. (Second story in newsletter.)

Not so say the writer’s of Lighthouse Trails Research, (a website dedicated to exposing emergent and contemplative spirituality and it’s damaging affects on the true church). They quote emergent church expert Roger Oakland from his book “Faith Undone,” which I have read and recommend if you care at all about the body of Christ and it’s dedication to the word of God.

The “Leadership Network” (described in detail in Oakland’s book) began a distortion of God plan for a biblically organized church and many have not come back from that abyss. In fact, they are still dragging unsuspecting new believers and the those who are unschooled in biblical principles down into their pit of false teaching.

Please, if nothing else, read the first and last sentence of each paragraph to get the gist of the articles. We are in an information glut in our world- but this will give you courage and understanding if you will avail yourself to this information. It will enlighten just about every area of question about why it seems the body of Christ is disintegrating into so many new ideaologies.

From the Lighthouse Newsletter – August 23, 2011.

Books and DVD's from LIghthouse Trails Research

On the front line of the riots with the police in London

A London police officer shares his thoughts and experiences during riots in London.  He describes children age 10 and younger fighting in the street with police.

On the front line of the riots with the police – Telegraph.

“A Day of Rage” is planned for September 17. “10 Signs that Economic Riots and Civil Unrest Inside the United States are Now More Likely Than Ever.”

Constitution or New World Order?

This is a really good explanation of the New World Order and it’s tentacles. It starts out slow and is addressed to the Tea Party, but it is very informative.

Jacob Prasch: Do Not Lift That Stone

In the following article Jacob Prasch succinctly gives an overview of world events including the United States and how close we are to Messiah’s return. World events are unfolding astronomically fast, changes are coming as never before like domino’s affecting every area of life.

Though lengthy, this article is easy to read and informative.

Moriel Archive » Blog Archive » Do Not Lift That Stone.

Moriel Ministries: Christian Bookshop at Center of Riots Saved

God is sovereign and has His hand on His people in unique ways. The following story is heartwarming.

Moriel Archive » Blog Archive » Christian Bookshop at Centre of Riots Saved.

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