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The Legacy of LaVoy Finicum

Arizona Cattle Rancher LaVoy Finicum, was a modern day Constitutional Warrior. He  lived according to the unique historical document in ever changing times.

Though an investigation is still underway regarding his January 26, 2016 death by gunshot, it is his family’s position that from video and information they have been able to obtain, he seems to have been shot in the back by government agents.

The story of this cowboy is heartbreaking and telling. You can read the story his family tells here:, posted by Elias Alias.

This is Finicum’s website: One Cowboys’ Stand for Freedom.

Watch the next two videos and maybe get inspired.

Below is a song written and sung by his daughters at his funeral.

Quotes About Jesus Christ Through History

This video by R. Selwyn will inspire you and fill you will hope and peace. It is a compilation of quotes by people through history who have concluded that Jesus Christ cannot be denied.

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