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One World Religion: Peres at the Vatican this Week

Ninetey-one year old Former Israeli President, Shimon Peres, spent 45 minutes at the Vatican with Pope Francis September 4, to discuss one-world religion. In a September 9, Jerusalem Post article he is quoted, stating his proposal for a “Charter of United Religions.”

He is enamored with the Pope, referring to him as “Holy Father.”

“In fact,” Peres clarified, “he is perhaps the only truly respected leader” in the world today.
While Francis has refrained from commenting on Peres’s assessment, that same silence permits it. It also permits the framework of Peres’s idea to be tested in the crucible of world opinion.
“The United Nations has had its day,” Peres opined. “What we need is an organization of United Religions, a United Nations of religions.” (emphasis mine)
“This will be the best way,” he continued, “to fight terrorists who kill in the name of faith.”
Accordingly, “there should be a Charter of United Religions, (emphasis mine) just as there is a UN Charter. This is what I have proposed to the pope.” (Sept. 10, Jerusalem Post)

Later in the article the pope is again touted as “the” man for the position by Archbishop Silvano Maria Tomasi, the Vaticans’ representative to the United Nations.

The Vatican’s representative to the United Nations, Archbishop Silvano Maria Tomasi, was effusive about Peres’s “perception of Pope Francis, not only as leader of the Catholic Church, but also as a symbol of all religion in the modern world. This is,” he said, “a significant turning point in history.” (Sept. 10, Jerusalem Post)

Also in the mix of emcumenical thinking is Italy’s spokeman for Islam, Yahya Pallavicini. 

Italy’s spokesman for Islam liked everything that Peres said. Handsome, articulate and Western in his manner, Yahya Pallavicini is imam of the al-Wahid Mosque in Milan and vice president of the Islamic Religious Community of Italy, a.k.a. Coreis, a community solicitous toward Christians and Jews.
Pallavicini praised Peres as “a man particularly inspired, combining Jewish faith with political experience. I fully agree” with his proposal to the pope, he said.
In fact, he continued, “Pope Francis may be the most authoritative representative” of “spiritually sensitive” religious leaders in the world today. “I, a Muslim, have much to learn from him,” he said. (Sept. 10, Jerusalem Post)

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Has Beth Moore Become a False Teacher?

Many women enjoy Beth Moore bible studies. Her popularity draws thousands of women and men. We need to understand the basic beliefs of those who stand before us as teachers. See this research on Beth Moore by Brannon Howse and World View Weekend ministries.

“Has Beth Moore Become a False Teacher? Brannon Howse and Justin Peters discuss this topic in light of Beth Moore’s own words. Brannon plays video clips of Beth Moore that you must see if you want to know if Beth Moore should be called a false teacher.”

Has Beth Moore Become a False Teacher?.

“Could Nazi Germany Happen Here in America?”

In this months  Lamb and Lion E-Newsletter David Reagan of Lamb and Lion Ministries, compares current events in the United States with those in Germany in the 1930’s. His conclusion is that it will take the impending  and some say inevitable econonic collapse to bring on the same kind of environment that ushered Hitler into power as a dictator and mass murderer.

Governments are the intiators of genocide. All one needs to do is study history and human nature through the scriptures to see where we are going.

The newsletter this month is devoted to what happened in Germany under Hitler, with a feature on Erwin Lutzer and interview with Anita Dittman. There is also an interesting article on Heinrich Himmler, the “numbers man” to Hilter and the holocaust. It is a study in the insanity of human reasoning.

See on this website the movie link “Genocide, Worse Than War.”


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