Tony Blair and Rick Warren Pair Up for One-World Faith

From previous posts we have learned that Rick Warren is working toward leading his congregation and those who will listen to a different kind of faith. (See: Warren’s Confusion) You have read that Tony Blair and his Tony Blair Faith Foundation is moving toward making it “intolerable” to believe that anyone could go to hell. (See his speech to Yale University students on this site.) (Social Transformation Conference)

Now Blair and Warren are partnering to promote faith for the good of the world. It is very important that a believer knows the background, schooling, philosophies and followings of those who they follow. It is not enough to listen to a few sermons to determine whether or not the person is a faithful man of God. It is not enought to know what school or seminary they had attended although even the schools are important because they too teach particular philosophies. Many preachers, teachers and pastors have been duped. Sound impossible? Jesus said in the last days even some of the elect would be deceived.

On the following link you will hear Warren and Blair at the “Civil Forum on Peace in a Globalized Society.” But, before you see this, I encourage you to find the Tony Blair speech to Yale students which proves his apostasy. He has changed the message of the gospel to suit his agenda.

Search Rick Warren’s name on this site to see much more information on him. The bible tells us to discern the spirits to see if they are from God. If they do not measure up to the plumb-line of the perfect word of God; we must choose truth over people. This is not hateful or judgmental, this is responsibility as a believer to the truth.  The days of milk-toast faith are over. Each one of us will have to choose what we believe and the only way to not be fooled is to know your bible and discern the spirits.

Warren’s Civil Forum

With a world movement to make it “intolerable” to not tolerate sin and distortion of God’s Holy word, you and I could be faced with a great deal of grief for what we believe in a future not too distant. Please…. do your homework.The cross, the blood of the Lamb and sin are being edged out of the discussion of what faith in Messiah is all about.

The enemy is a great deceiver. We have all been duped in many ways by living a life in a country that has afforded us such freedom. We have not felt the need to  be watchmen on the wall. But, times are changing. Women MUST get involved, MUST study to present themselves approved of God, MUST find and use our voices to warn, teach, instruct, and change what we can for our children’s sake and the sake of our society.

Please do your homework. Listen again to the first slide series of Pink Apron Regiment on deception and the dialectic and you will begin to understand what is happening. Conversation about God’s absolutes is demonic.

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