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Dr. Annie Bukacek on False Covid -19 Death Certificates.

Dr. Annie Bukecek (Montana) gives a short explanation of how the Covid-19 virus stats are being fudged to keep Americans in our homes by government command.

Doctors are automatically listing the illness on death certificates without any other tests or autopsies to confirm.

Chuck Baldwin and others on the Wuhan Flu and Freedom

Chuck Baldwin has a clear perspective on what is causing panic for the American people. He believes it is not accident, it is a planned event. Clear thinking people are beginning to not only distrust the media, but also their government.

April 2, Chuck Baldwin Live: Now We Know How Germany Let it Happen

Here is a link to the audio of the column; duration about 20 minutes.

Audio Link


Ron Paul has some clear thoughts on the Corona Virus also and believes it is time to end the shutdown.

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