Spencer Smiths’, “Third Adam”

Spencer Smith is a Missionary whose home base is in Kentucky. I think he is on to something, Why has there been such a push to make women “equal” all over the world. and what does religion have to do with it. I believe Spencer has isolated a pattern that is leading to the destruction of the family and the church.

This is one of several documentaries on the subject. Stay with it for at least 20 minutes while he establishes his thesis and you may not be able to ignore the rest.

Happy Independence Day

Kudos to El Salvador

What is the purpose of the jab? The International Monetary Fund has the answer.

A “Miracle Cure” all your own, and cheap

This information comes from Red Pill University, a reliable source for information by G. Edward Griffin

This substance and its effects are for information purposes on this site and endorsed by those in the video who are knowledgeable about it. I think it is interesting enough to share.

Swine Flu Scandal

The pharmaceutical and government hype around the pandemic is nothing new. You will not find this information discussed in current media. If you still are a fan of pharmacea (biblically speaking “witchcraft”) maybe this will change your minnd.

The Double Jab is Killing Young People

Dr. Anne McCloskey in Derry London has been fired for making this video

Professor Sam Vaknin and the bleak future ahead for our youth

“Operation Paperclip” and the German Doctors who were brought to America

Non Consent Forms

Below you will find well written documents you can use to aid your refusal of any medical invasive procedure. Including testing. We must say NO. Watch the video then go to Freedomtaker.com

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