Netanyahu’s Powerful Warning to Congress March 3, 2015

Unafraid and wise, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to all Americans through his speech to Congress on March 15, 2015 of impending trouble of biblical proportion. He unashamedly parallels world events to bible truth.

United Nations Special Envoy Laurie Cardoza-Moore believes His comments were grounded in scripture.

Referring to Netanyahu’s repeated biblical citations, Cardoza-Moore said: “Prime Minister Netanyahu clearly has grounded his position in Scripture. And Christians need to remember what Scripture tells us about this moment.

“This is a time of judgment and decision. We have a responsibility to stand up and defend Israel. We will be judged one day and stand before the throne. We will give an account for what we did or were unwilling to do when our brother Israel was threatened. Now is a critical time for every Bible believer.”

“In this time of crisis, Cardoza-Moore counsels Christians to ground their political actions in something deeper than politics.”

“Jews and Christians aren’t just connected because of freedom but because of faith. As a Judeo-Christian nation, we have a biblical responsibility to stand with Israel.

“If Americans think we can sit back and do nothing, they are sadly wrong. It’s all coming to a head, and do not think you and your house will be spared if we don’t rise to the challenge.” ~WND Faith Exclusive

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