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Potentially Harmful and Dangerous Spiritual Practices

If you are not sure if a practice you participatspiritual-woman-10042851e in is within the confines of the Bible, whether spiritual or physical, including prayer, medical, or even fitness, the list you find at the link below will be of help you.

The author, Chris Lawson, has created an extentive compilation of many new age and demonic activities culturally accepted as innocent. They are like wolves in sheeps clothing and can wreak havoc in one’s life. The subjects on the list may shock you, as they are very common activities that innocent unknowing people believe will help them.

Bookmark the site. It may be helpful in the future when someone you know or love is experiencing results of one of these demonic and biblically prohibited activities. Click the link below to see the list and read more from the author.

Potentially Harmful & Dangerous Spiritual Practices – Spiritual Research Network.

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