Underground gay group emerges, shaking evangelical Christian college

If you plan on sending your young adult to Biola University, (a private Christian University) or going there yourself, know that the campus is facing a new liberality.  Students and employees who are of alternative sexual persuasions, are making a public statement about their proclivities.  The school does not plan on changing it’s policy but is unable to address the issue head on because the members of the group are seemingly still anonymous.

With debate raging over the group and its aims, Biola President Barry Corey told students that the school has no intention of changing its policy to “fit increasingly accepted ethical or moral norms. In particular, we don’t need to modernize or bend our biblically based position on sexual ethics.” ~ John Boxley and Ashley Bornancin, NBC News

See the whole story here:

Underground gay group emerges, shaking evangelical Christian college.

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