VACCINES: The Deadly Cure 2 –

Below is a video from Natural, with important information for young women who are facing vaccinations for their children at any age. The number of vaccinations children need, to attend the public school system, has risen from just six in the 50’s, to about 14 recommended by the Centers for Disease Control in 2010! (This includes adolescents.)

The only common denominator amongst children with autism, is the vaccines they have been given. Autism is a one in 150 occurrence today, and one in six of all children who have been vaccinated have developmental disabilities, according to Dr. Mary Megson, a board certified pediatrician. (See video.)

Anywhere in the world, where the United States has shared our vaccination programs, the statistics are the same.

This is one more avenue in which the American people are trusting our medical authorities and government oversight, and getting irresponsible oversight in return. Share this video with every young mother you know.  Natural News website is a great place for information regarding current trends in government overstepping, and oversight of your health issues.

VACCINES: The Deadly Cure 2

via VACCINES: The Deadly Cure 2 –

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