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Relearning how to Learn

In the following film, award winning teacher and author, John Taylor Gatto, shares with the viewer  new avenues of thought and learning. In the following five hour series (well worth your time),  he cites multiple authors of books that will change the way you think, and possibly the way you learn. From his almost 30 year teaching experiences, Gatto shares the secrets to enjoying learning at any age, and uncovers a diabolical plan to keep you and your children from thinking and growing as individuals. Share it with friends and family.

“John Taylor Gatto (born December 15, 1935) is a retired American with nearly 30 years experience in the classroom, and author of several books on education. He is an activist critical of compulsory schooling, of the perceived divide between the teen years and adulthood, and of what he characterizes as the hegemonic nature of discourse on education and the education professions.

In his youth he attended public schools throughout the Pittsburgh Metro Area including Swissvale, Monongahela, and Uniontown as well as a Catholic boarding school in Latrobe. He did undergraduate work at Cornell, the University of Pittsburgh, and Columbia, then served in the U.S. Army medical corps at Fort Knox, Kentucky, and Fort Sam Houston, Texas. Following army service he did graduate work at the City University of New York, Hunter College, Yeshiva University, the University of California, Berkeley, and Cornell.” ~ You Tube site

The first 20 minutes of the film are an introduction by the producer/director of the series, and editor of “Tragedy and Hope” magazine, Richard Grove.


Newtown Connecticut

As a mother of three sons, I can’t even think of the grief the families in Newtown Connecticut, are suffering because of the recent school shooting.

The victims of a crazed young adult will have to bury their children and adult loved ones, so close to the most joyous time of the year for other families. Theirs will never be the same. My prayers for them seem little consolation for their losses. They will need our prayers for years to come. Our hearts and prayers go out to every family, friend and others in the community who will live with this dark day, etched in their memories forever.

With their grief, pundits are now beating the bushes to find reasons to chip away at the second amendment right of all Americans; the right to bear arms. There is a big difference between what happened in Newtown and what the second amendment is about.

We have the right to bear arms, not to use them against the innocent. NO ONE can stop a madman. Anti-gun activists would argue that this insane event would not have happened had there not been firearms available. Foolish. The Oklahoma City bombing was without guns, but rather explosives. The 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center was committed with our own airplanes. Should we stop air travel?

Those who propose we rid our society of weapons are bleeding hearts without information. Of course, NO ONE wants to see these kinds of tragedies happen, but gun control will not stop the psychotic actions of a drug induced, rage filled individual, from finding another way.

There are more young people dying in car accidents (by the thousands) each year than are killed by guns according to stats presented by Gun Owner of America.

Governments who confiscate guns, eventually kill their people. The misinformed who think they are taking guns away from bad guys, may find out later, they are putting their fate in the hands of bad guys in a government. Every government has them. America is not exempt from the peculiar ideas of those who have power.

World statistics prove that mass genocides happen at the hands of governments when the people can no longer defend themselves. (See; “Genocide Worse than War” movie on this website, or go to PBS or You Tube; view free.) In a Dec. 15 Salon article, writer David Daley presents GOA executive director,  Larry Pratt as “crazy” in his analysis of Pratt’s response to Newtown. His idea… arm the teachers.

“Gun control supporters have the blood of little children on their hands. Federal and state laws combined to insure that no teacher, no administrator, no adult had a gun at the Newtown school where the children were murdered. This tragedy underscores the urgency of getting rid of gun bans in school zones. The only thing accomplished by gun free zones is to insure that mass murderers can slay more before they are finally confronted by someone with a gun.” ~Larry Pratt

I agree with Pratt. In fact, the women who were killed (four as news agencies report) in the school office could have downed the shooter before he went unchecked to kill others. It takes  courage and training. No, it would not be easy to make such a decision, but when human life is threatened, women can come up with enormous courage. We are becoming a nation of cowards, not only to what is right, but also to defending our freedom and our children.

Would you save a child by shooting one with murderous intent? Would a mama bear protect her cubs? NO ONE was protecting the cubs that day in Newtown. A locked door and an a call to 911 is not protection, it is response to a threat. It is grievous that these innocent people had no defense and if the real “crazies” in our culture have their bleeding heart way, they would leave all of us defenseless in the face of evil.

People who use guns to shoot people do not obey the law. They find ways to get weapons, and weapons will always exist. The real issue is whose hands are they in? There are laws to keep illegal guns from getting into the hands of criminals, but we have a government now accused of giving guns to cartels in Mexico, resulting in American blood being spilled.

There is no legitimate reason for me to give my second amendment rights away to a group of arbitrary individuals, who do not think like me, or have my values. If my government will legalize the genocide of millions of black babies in the poorest communities in America, and give the right to our children to receive abortions without parental notice, could I believe these people are capable of a right decision regarding firearms?

Newtown was a horrible, evil tragedy. Perhaps we should pay more attention to the shooter, his influences or lack of… perhaps we should look at his mental health and who was treating him; but that would change the discussion and direct it where it belongs… onto the individual, not the law.

VACCINES: The Deadly Cure 2 –

Below is a video from Natural, with important information for young women who are facing vaccinations for their children at any age. The number of vaccinations children need, to attend the public school system, has risen from just six in the 50’s, to about 14 recommended by the Centers for Disease Control in 2010! (This includes adolescents.)

The only common denominator amongst children with autism, is the vaccines they have been given. Autism is a one in 150 occurrence today, and one in six of all children who have been vaccinated have developmental disabilities, according to Dr. Mary Megson, a board certified pediatrician. (See video.)

Anywhere in the world, where the United States has shared our vaccination programs, the statistics are the same.

This is one more avenue in which the American people are trusting our medical authorities and government oversight, and getting irresponsible oversight in return. Share this video with every young mother you know.  Natural News website is a great place for information regarding current trends in government overstepping, and oversight of your health issues.

VACCINES: The Deadly Cure 2

via VACCINES: The Deadly Cure 2 –

Loss of Parental Rights- Governmental Intrusion

Please cause the following video to go viral. It is a series of true stories regarding parental rights being taken from them.  Send it to every parent you know who takes their right to parenting their children a responsibility, and part of the freedom God has given them.

New Inclusive Muslim, Christian, Jewish School of Theology in California

Claremont School of Theology in Claremont, California has received a $50 million “gift” to open the Claremont Lincoln School of Theology which will include, Christians, Jews and Muslims. Claremont School of Theology Grant

From philanthropist David Lincoln and his wife, a Christian couple, whose name now titles the school, the money will be used to mesh the three religious traditions. It is described as an inter-religious school.

This is not a new idea, it is exactly what Tony Blair is working to accomplish all over the academic world with his Faith Foundation.  Blair is also a welcome visitor to Saddleback Church in Southern California, whose pastor, Rick Warren, is seen on Blair’s advisory board. The two appear to have the same agenda. (See Rick Warren’s three legged stool.)

The following is a short video from PBS discussing the new school and the philosophy of those involved. Changing the face of Christianity in this manner is a very clear use of what we studied at our first meeting of Pink Apron Regiment.  It is  Hegelian Dialectic

See a short video, click below:

PBS report on Claremont Lincoln School of Theology

Hegelian Dialectic originated from the German philosopher, George Hegel, a very influential person in Hitler’s life. (Read: “Hitler’s Cross,” by Erwin Lutzer.)  It is the same method that will now be used to break down absolute values amongst those who will process the convergence of the religions aforementioned.

This philosophy formed the path of a select group of men in Germany at Berlins, Villa Wansee, the day the “final solution” (extermination of all Jews), was confirmed amongst officials from the military to diplomats under Hitler’s reign. The meeting included just over a dozen men, but as we know from history – their decision  had murderous consequences.

My believing friends, what will we do now? If we say we have no time, we have to get our lives in “order” are we fit for the Kingdom of God? What can we leave behind.. because one day we will leave it all.

Where can you and I cut the corners on things with no eternal value? We must prepare for the onslaught that has begun- to cover up the Truth. Who do you know who needs to hear this hard message? Are you willing to be thought peculiar for the name of Yeshua? Are you willing to speak with boldness to preserve Truth so that in the future, should the Messiah tarry, others will have free access to the Word of God and be able to find it? Will your fundamental and literal interpretation of God’s word be any less challenged as these new ideas appear, or will you be less free to express them? Perhaps you will be forced to choose…

Are you willing to work while it is still “day?” What would God say today about how we spend our time and resources?

If you have read this far into this post and clicked on all of the links above and their links, you will get a good perspective of what is really happening. This is not an accident.  This is social change, this is an anti-Christ spirit amongst us. This is true spiritual warfare. The work you will do to absorb this information will take a few hours. Is it worth it to you?

Take the time to really study this issue, because in fact, you will begin to see it everywhere. We face a cunning and deceitful enemy, and in his snakelike manner, he is slithering through the church, without any resistance.

Be smart. Forward this post to the believers you know. It is time to “get out of the kitchen.” Order take-out and do the work of the Lord instead. Please, think!

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