Did You Get “THE TEST?”

If you have had “the test” via the drive thru line at your local box store or at your physicians office, or upon admission to a hospital, you were either relieved, or maybe concerned upon getting the results. You took time out of your life, you were a good neighbor avoiding others until you were sure, or stayed home and self-quarantined as a precaution.

Would you feel the same if you were told it was all a sham? Would you even believe it? Yes, you know people who have been sick but did the test prove it, or were symptoms already presenting themselves? Were you told you were just a carrier? Did you stop living and doing what you normally do because of it?

Pastor Chuck Baldwin has compiled some facts in his latest newsletter that will either make you mad, or convinced of what you knew all along. “Yes, I am saying it: The coronavirus scare was a calculated, pre-planned event.” ~Chuck Baldwin

Click the link below to be taken to his column.


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