Is Change Coming to Your Church?

new-ageJohanna Michaelson, the author of “The Beautiful Side of Evil,” was in the New Age Movement early in her Christian life, which led to participation in the Occult. In the following video she deconstructs the current Contemplative Prayer movement being taught in most churches from her own beginnings. She proves how demonic the practice of this kind of meditation is to one’s own spiritual life, and how the church is being hoodwinked albeit on purpose in the End Times.

Coupled with a previous video to be found here on this blog, and subsequent book, by Gail Kiplinger; “New Age Versions” one can get a clear perspective of what is going on across the pulpits of America. These two women have braved areas most pastors either don’t invest themselves in or don’t have time to examine. Most, sadly, are going along with it to increase their congregations, as part of the Emergent Church also referred to as the Church Growth Movement. Different name, same deception.

Real understanding comes from doing one’s own homework. I cannot do it for you but I can lead you to sources. Pray and ask God for time to study these things and wisdom to see clearly from His Word what the truth is.

Michaelson warns true believers to stay away from “The Shack” book or movie. And this writer adds, don’t be afraid to change churches (if you can find a biblical one) or opt for a home church that holds fast to the Word of God. Deception does not come in obvious ways. It mixes truth with error. Look for truth that coincides with God’s Word and the errors will scream out at you if you are willing to have your eyes opened.

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