Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann should call on Rick Perry to drop out – The Hill’s Pundits Blog

Rick Perry received more than  $30,000 not $5,000 from the drug company who supported him- and in return, he ordered thousands of young girls by mandate to recieve the HPV vaccine.

Paul and Bachmann should pounce on the fact that in Perry-gate, Rick Perry asked during the debate whether he can be bought for only $5,000 when it appears Perry had received almost $30,000 from the company for his gubernatorial campaigns. Trust me, no politician forgets who donated $30,000. ~The Hill Pundits Blog.

And from the Washington Post:

Merck and its subsidiaries have also given more than $380,000 to the Republican Governors Association (RGA) since 2006, the year that Perry began to play a prominent role in the Washington-based group, according to data from the Center for Responsive Politics. ~Dan Eggen Washington Post

Washington Post

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