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Big Sis Ordered NFL Grope Downs

Ten years after 9/11 and facing few if any real threats to our safety- the government is embedding more and more security checks, now at football games. Safer for you you say? Really? Do you not understand that you have a right to your privacy of person? Do you know that when you agree in a docile manner to such pat-downs you are ushering in total government control of all of your life? Prison Planet.com » Big Sis Ordered NFL Grope Downs.

Have you viewed “Shadow Government?” See the full length movie on You Tube. Produced by a Christian with cameos by Christian experts in security and privacy; the film reveals how fast your privacy and freedoms are disintegrating. How do we solve the problem? Should you spend  your money on a football game if it means giving up your bodily freedom?

Today it is air travel… a football game… tomorrow the mall. Where will it end? Are you feeling threatened by  infringement on your bodily privacy for “your safety?” Just who is the real criminal?

The movie is in parts on You Tube or you can order it from Cloud Ten Pictures.

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