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Fond of Privacy… Kiss it Good-bye!

The federal government is now able to x-ray your car, similar to the TSA security searches via x-ray machines at airports, and they are using them. How is it that the CIA the FBI and Homeland Security cannot keep illegal aliens from crossing our borders but find it within their jurisdiction to spy on legal citizens going about their daily business?

The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) is suing Homeland Security for the secrecy with which it has moved to install the machines in vehicles without citizen awareness.  God has given no one the right to cross the line of bodily privacy, especially governments, and the American people have not voiced the need or the desire for such an activity. Hitler did so during the Shoah (Holocaust) to demoralize the Jews and anyone who came against the Reich government.

Not “profiling” any particular people group has left Americans with listening devices, cameras and x-ray machines encroaching on our right to be left alone.  Granted we need security, but in the hands of the wrong people, these methods for security can be used against American citizens. Remember, once a right is taken away… you will not see it return. How much are you willing to give up? What’s next?

Former presidential candidate, watchman on the wall and pastor, Chuck Baldwin; might refer to this kind of invasive action as tyrannical. You be the judge. (See his message on Romans 13 on this site.  Type his name in the search box.)

The following video is from a news station in Texas.

See report at Prison Planet.com

In a related situation, the people of Indiana will now be subject to police intrusion in their homes without a warrant thanks to a recent Supreme Court decision in that state which negates the 4th amendment rights of it’s citizens. This should matter to you, since today it is Indiana, tomorrow??

Indiana Supreme Court Shreds 4th Amendment. ~Ron Paul

And this… about the internet

And this from Prophecy News WatchThirty Two Signs that Big Brother Technology is Growing

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