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Nullification and the Tenth Amendment Center

The following information is in addition to our right to free speech and peaceful political protest. It is  freedom of states from the federal government intervention where it is not indicated.  This too is being threatened.  It gives the state the option to nullify what the Federal Government attempts to impose on people of the states if the people do not want it.  IE: Mandated health care.

The Tenth Amendment Center

Nullify the TSA

Feds step in with threats- shut down Nullification of TSA in Texas.

Miss America and the TSA

Hear Susie Castillo; Miss America, in her own words describe her recent pat-down from the TSA.

Have things gotten less or more invasive?

What could possibly be next if we say nothing?

Warning: This video is emotional and there is discussion about body parts, which could be shocking or offensive to some.

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