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The Coming Persecution

"Believing women getting out of the kitchen and into the culture..."

Many of you know about Paul McGuire  and his end times teaching if you have been attending P.A.R. monthly meetings. In the following You Tube, he explains the coming persecution of Christians, in this country.

Through his research and analysis of world history, particularly Nazi Germany, and the church as it responded and succumbed to Hitler’s leadership, McGuire warns those of us who are believers to be prepared.  At our last meeting we heard Paul discuss the underpinnings of Hitler’s reign; the occult. We also learned that occult practices were common to him and his circle of influence. We were also made aware at our last meeting of the spiritual warfare we face, which most believers do not know how to pray against, or do not see it for what it is and just don’t bother.

The following You Tube segment deals with some of the most profound subject matter Paul McGuire has  ever addressed. He is becoming more courageous and forthright with his warnings. If by some freak chance he is wrong (In this writers opinion, he is biblically sound and a true watchman on the wall) we lose nothing. We will be stronger, better informed on spiritual warfare and what is going on in the world around us. Hopefully and most important- is that we will be given over to a more holy life, set apart for God’s purpose.

Pray about what you hear, do your own research as Paul suggests. There is nothing to fear. If God is for us, who can be against us? We must remember that no one knows the day or time of Messiah’s return for His church, but it would be foolish to think that it isn’t coming soon, possibly in our lifetime.

Please take about 5 minutes to hear what he has to say about the church in America.

Read “The Coming Persecution” by Paul McGuire.

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