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“Could Nazi Germany Happen Here in America?”

In this months  Lamb and Lion E-Newsletter David Reagan of Lamb and Lion Ministries, compares current events in the United States with those in Germany in the 1930’s. His conclusion is that it will take the impending  and some say inevitable econonic collapse to bring on the same kind of environment that ushered Hitler into power as a dictator and mass murderer.

Governments are the intiators of genocide. All one needs to do is study history and human nature through the scriptures to see where we are going.

The newsletter this month is devoted to what happened in Germany under Hitler, with a feature on Erwin Lutzer and interview with Anita Dittman. There is also an interesting article on Heinrich Himmler, the “numbers man” to Hilter and the holocaust. It is a study in the insanity of human reasoning.

See on this website the movie link “Genocide, Worse Than War.”


Lamb & Lion Ministries: E-newsletter.


From Walid Shoebat: “Is There a Connection?

The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem met with Hitler in 1941 to exterminate the Jews. They had the same goal and worked together. He raised a division to fight along with the S.S.

The Hitlerian reign was drenched in occult activities. Hitler was an occultist himself. (See “High Level Spiritual Warfare- Paul McGuire.) He and this Islamic leader worked together to eradicate the Jews.

Check the link below for a portion of a documentary about the two.

WalidShoebat.com: Nazis and Arab Muslims: Is There A Connection?.