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Global Faith Forum 2011 Held in Keller Texas

Keller Texas was the site of the recent Global Faith Forum (GFF) held January 15, 2011; featuring clergy from various persuasions including Islam, Christian and Palestinian religious leaders.

One of the sponsors for the group, the Council on Foreign Relations, (CFR) is working hard to turn your individual biblical faith  into a one-world community of worship. The group is attempting to blur the lines of distinction between faiths to usher in a one-world religion. Anyone who stands firm on the bible or it’s principles will be pressed to abandon the absolutes of God’s holy word and “go along to get along.”

Their premise is impossible to achieve unless someone (believers) gives up the surety that there is only one God and He is Elohim. There IS no other God. This will not sit well with the ecumenicals .

Israel lived in a land of idols and found herself mixing worship of the Holy One of Israel with pagan ideas. God is not pleased with double-mindedness. He judged Israel for her idolatry.

There is only one faith- Yeshua Hamashiach.

“Hear O Israel, the Lord our God He is One.” Is. 6:4

From the GFF website:

“Many Distinct Beliefs. One Common Respect.

The Global Faith Forum brings together distinct and conservative bodies of faith for greater understanding, while facing our differences with grace and humility. Muslims, Jews, and Christians hold different beliefs about who Jesus and God is. As people of faith, we must maintain our distinct beliefs, yet live in peace with others of faith. God calls followers of each faith to carry out the dialogue of our distinctions in a spirit of common dignity for one another. The multi-faith perspective is about deepening respect for one another while dialoguing about our differences. Participants are not asked to boil down their beliefs to define God in common terms but to hold to their distinctions with a spirit of respect between participants.” (boldface added)

~Global Faith Forum Website

The dialoguing of difference is the process of transformational thinking. Dialogue long enough and the most settled believer will find themselves in conflict with the group, longing to fit in and eventually succumbing to consensus thinking. This is called “Diaprax.” (The practice of dialoging to change/alter ones sense of absolutes)  The phrase is coined by Dean Gothcher, founder of the Institution for Authority Research.

The method is guised with creating community and charged with wearing down convictions.

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