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Obama on homosexual marriage

SEE ROMNEY CHANGE from pro to anti abortion.

GOP for Two-State Solution

The Republican Platform 2012 position on Israel can be confusing. At face value, the impression is that they will be an unequivocal ally to our long time democratic neighbor in the middle east.

Au contrere! Looking carefully at the Republican platform; page 49:

We support Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state with secure, defensible borders; and we envision two democratic states—Israel with Jerusalem as its capital and Palestine—living in peace and security. For that to happen, the Palestinian people must support leaders who reject terror, embrace the institutions and ethos of democracy, and respect the rule of law. We call on Arab governments throughout the region to help advance that goal. (italics mine)

How can Israel be respected to exist as a Jewish state and be forced to consider a two-state solution?

Palestine is not a state. They do not have their own national history, language or constitution. They are occupiers on land the Jews have graciously allowed them to inhabit.  A land God has promised to the Jews and by God’s decree, belongs to His people.

While people are saying, “There is peace and security,” then sudden destruction will come upon them as labor pains come upon a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.  
– 1 Thessalonians 5:3 (ESV)

Consider carefully for whom you cast your vote. We are in a hard situation. Respected bible teachers believe America is getting the leaders we deserve because we are a nation who has turned its back on God.  A reprieve will only come when the church repents from its foolishness and gets back to the simple truth of God’s word.  Revival starts with repentance, not tent meetings or outreach concerts.

The church is the body of Christ for the body of Christ. We need to be about our father’s business of making disciples. He will draw all men unto Himself. If He be lifted up.



Daniel Factor Conference August 2012- Videos

Jacob Prasch along with Marco Quintana, Jack Hibbs and Paul Smith spoke at the 2012 Daniel Factor Conference in San Bernardino, California August 23 and 24. Unfortunately, there are glitches in the sound on part of the broadcast.

Their messages address current events and bible prophecy.

Unfortunately there are some glitches in the audio on the second portion and they can be quite annoying. Please don’t give up, listen to the end and glean what you can.

California law barring parents from ‘curing’ gay children moves through legislature | Fox News

California parents have to face schools who now encourage our children to be gender peculiar, but in the future will be forbidden to teach them otherwise by getting counseling for them, should the law “Sexual Orientation Change Efforts,(SOCE) get to our liberal  governor Jerry Brown’s desk for a signature. The only thing the houses are doing at present  is agreeing on the language of the law.

If both state houses can agree on the final language, the legislation, which would ban all sexual orientation change effort (SOCE) treatment for minors, will be sent to Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown for his signature sometime in September. But, so far, there has been no indication from his office on whether he will sign the bill into law. ~ Jim Crogen Fox News

In the following news item there is a picture of homosexuals in front of the California State capital. The squeaky wheel tends to get the oil. We are challenged at Pink Apron Regiment to get believing women to pay attention to  such issues and respond by taking action.

These homosexuals have invested themselves in their cause. Where are all the committed believing women who will face raising their children and grandchildren in that environment should the law pass. Why isn’t there a reciprocal group on the opposing corner, a devoted group of heterosexuals who chose to parent their children according to the Constitution?

Many of our shepherds have all but failed the flock. Let the world take care of the world, they say, politics have nothing to do with the church they say, just worry about the needy and the hungry they say…Gee, sounds exactly like the world. How they must revel in the lack of opposition they have to face.

We believers have become a moot point to most of the world, we have no power and no authority. Why? Very few believers even know what the bible teaches on the issues, and some would just as soon sit in a pew and wait for someone else to get their hands and hearts dirtied by the roe. No one is teaching them otherwise.

Woe to all of us.

California law barring parents from ‘curing’ gay children moves through legislature | Fox News.

Here is an excerpt of the bill amended on August 28, 2012

(k) The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in 2012 published an article in its journal, Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, stating: “Clinicians should be aware that there is no evidence that sexual orientation can be altered through therapy, and that attempts to do so may be harmful. There is no empirical evidence adult homosexuality can be prevented if gender nonconforming children are influenced to be more gender conforming. Indeed, there is no medically valid basis for attempting to prevent homosexuality, which is not an illness. On the contrary, such efforts may encourage family rejection and undermine self-esteem, connectedness and caring, important protective factors against suicidal ideation and attempts. Given that there is no evidence that efforts to alter sexual orientation are effective, beneficial or necessary, and the possibility that they carry the risk of significant harm, such interventions are contraindicated.”
(l) The Pan American Health Organization, a regional office of the World Health Organization, issued a statement in May of 2012 and in it the organization states: “These supposed conversion therapies constitute a violation of the ethical principles of health care and violate human rights that are protected by international and regional agreements.” The organization also noted that re
parative therapies “lack medical justification and represent a serious threat to the health and well-being of affected people.”
(m) Minors who experience family rejection based on their sexual orientation face especially serious health risks. In one study, lesbian, gay, and bisexual young adults who reported higher levels of family rejection during adolescence were 8.4 times more likely to report having attempted suicide, 5.9 times more likely to report high levels of depression, 3.4 times more likely to use illegal drugs, and 3.4 times more likely to report having engaged in unprotected sexual intercourse compared with peers from families that reported no or low levels of family rejection. This is documented by Caitlin Ryan et al. in their article entitled Family Rejection as a Predictor of Negative Health Outcomes in White and Latino Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Young Adults (2009) 123 Pediatrics 346.
(n) California has a compelling interest in protecting the physical and psychological well-being of minors, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth, and in protecting its minors against exposure to serious harms caused by sexual orientation change efforts.
Emphasis mine.

Here’s an update…  amendments are pending.

08/28/12 In Senate. Concurrence in Assembly amendments pending.
08/28/12 Read third time. Passed. Ordered to the Senate.

World Council of Churches- American Denominations Anti-Israel

FOSNA Northern California: Sept-October, 2011
New AD campaign features story of Israeli-Palestinian friendship and resistance.
Norcal Sabeel celebrates 10th Anniversary of 9/11 at the Solano Stroll, Berkeley, Ca
(See website by clicking on photo)

The World Council of Churches (WCC) exists to bring a one-faith religion to the world. They also support the Christian-Paslestinianism movement; to uphold Palestine and by anti-Semitic actions, resisting  support of Israel as a nation.

The  WCC  interests are political,  anti-Christ, and anti-Israel. They use scripture, but their goals are far from biblical. ( The Lord said to Abram, “I will bless those who bless thee and curse those who curse thee .”~ Gen. 12:3) Most disturbing are the organized churches who are members of the group, including; Presbyterian Churches USA and National Baptist Convention USA, among many other familiar American -Christian denominations.

Please see the list of churches on their website.  Not everyone in these congregations know what their denomination is up to regarding disobedience to the Word of God.  The  WCC and the Presbyterian Church USA, have joined Stephen Sizer and the group called, Sabeel, ( an anti-Israel, “Christian” movement).   Sabeel,   (with a North American Chapter) encourages;  “boycott, divestment,  and sanctions” against Israel hoping to force them to make peace with the Palestinians. Their focus is accusatory towards abuses they say Israel has imposed on those who live in what they call Palestine.

What is the World Council of Churches?

The World Council of Churches is a fellowship of churches which confess the Lord Jesus Christ as God and Savior according to the scriptures, and therefore seek to fulfill together their common calling to the glory of the one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

It is a community of churches on the way to visible unity in one faith and one eucharistic fellowship, (emphasis mine) expressed in worship and in common life in Christ. It seeks to advance towards this unity, as Jesus prayed for his followers, “so that the world may believe.” (John 17:21)~World Council of Churches

Grassroots Action Alert Prayer Vigil to Defeat Obamacare- Liberty Counsel

Liberty Counsel, a group of dedicated believing attorneys fighting for your religious freedom have organized and online prayer vigil for the defeat of ObamaCare. President Obama is organizing his own “prayer vigil” to “build support for the law seen as President Obama’s signature legislative achievement…”

The organizers plan “a prayer vigil, press conferences, and other events outside the Court when Justices hear arguments for three days beginning March 26.”  Their goal: “…to shape public opinion.” ~ Mat Staver Liberty Counsel. 

Please go to their website and sign the petition and the “book of remembrance-”  a commitment to pray for the repeal of ObamaCare.

America’s Most Biblically-Hostile U. S. President

David Barton enumerates the many ways this president is what he calls “hostile” to what appears to be people of faith generally but particularly for people who study the word of God. He lists specific incidents from 2008 to February this year.

WallBuilders – Issues and Articles – America’s Most Biblically-Hostile U. S. President.

Defining Christianity… the President’s Way

From an article in the Baptist Press, it is revealed that the president has his own definition of what it means to be a Christian, along with his perception that there are many roads to heaven.

From Cathleen Falsani, who published a book (“The God Factor: Inside the Spiritual Lives of Public People”), we are given information not used in the book but kept by the writer from and interview with the U.S. Senate candidate in 2004. Lest you had doubts or are giving the benefit of the doubt to one said, “Christian,” let it be known in the man’s own words just where he places his trust.

“Among Obama’s most intriguing answers, he says he believes there are many paths to God. His answers on heaven and sin, though, have drawn the most discussion:
…”I am a Christian. So, I have a deep faith,” he said. “So, I draw from the Christian faith. On the other hand, I was born in Hawaii where obviously there are a lot of Eastern influences. I lived in Indonesia, the largest Muslim country in the world, between the ages of six and 10. My father was from Kenya, and although he was probably most accurately labeled an agnostic, his father was Muslim. And I’d say, probably, intellectually I’ve drawn as much from Judaism as any other faith.”

He added, “So, I’m rooted in the Christian tradition. I believe that there are many paths to the same place, and that is a belief that there is a higher power, a belief that we are connected as a people.” BP News

Sounds like a one world religious philosophy to me. But I am not the judge… I am called to discern as is every believer. The bible says there is only ONE way to heaven and that is through the narrow gate, the door, the good shepherd, the Savior, the Son of Man, the great I am, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob… Yeshua Ha Meshiach; Jesus the Messiah.

(I recommend you read the Baptist Press full article as soon as possible before it gets scrubbed from the internet.)

Read Falsani’s original article here where Obama states he became good friends with Rev. Jeremiah Wright later in the interview.

Rick Warren builds bridge to Muslims – The Orange County Register

It’s time to leave Kansas Dorothy-  if we are waiting for something biblical to come out of the Warren camp. This article may clarify why it is that many true biblical teachers, pastors and concerned Christians are separating themselves from anything that has to do with “America’s Pastor.” He is slowly sliding into the agenda of Tony Blair, who by the way has Warren listed on his ” Tony Blair Faith Foundation”  website as a Religious Adviser.

Things are not what they seem. Deceived? The bible promises that those who desire to have their ears tickled, will have what they ask for. Not only that but God himself will give them over to deception. (Search deception on this site in search box.)

What fellowship does light have with darkness?

Rick Warren builds bridge to Muslims – The Orange County Register.

Warren has his fair share of mentions on this site also:

Berkeley Center for Religion Peace and World Affairs

Vodpod videos no longer available.

A New Kind of Statement of Faith

This is the most courageous statement of faith I have ever read. This statement is basically resisting the sheep-like following of government entities who try to remove from Americans, those rights which are inalienable and given by God.

What do you think about it? Leave comments below.

Liberty Fellowship Statement of Faith.

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