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Doctors Firing Patients Who Refuse Vaccines

The issue of vaccines at every corner has caused some who are health conscious and aware to pause at the many and prolific opportunities now springing up for Americans to receive shots; either for flu, shingles, whooping cough, or mandatory injections of Gardasil for our preteens. I know my local pharmacy is bent on sticking me with something. There are not only signs every where, in and out of the store- but also stickers on the store displays, even in the non-pharmacy items aisles; next to teddy bears, greeting cards and even Dr. Scholls foot care displays!

Why? Are we a truly sick society? What are the alternatives? Was there ever a flu pandemic as was threatened by government officials all over the world a couple of years ago? Didn’t it turn out to be a farce? Americans are being injected with a myriad of pharmaceuticals which we can now receive (for our own good?) at every Wal-Mart, pharmacy, vitamin stores and any health related place of business. Buyer beware.

In the following article parents are being forced to medicate (via vaccine) their children or not  be treated by their physicians. Oh, we say, our doctor is not like that… wait. When Obamacare hits the streets will we and our loved ones  be wards of the state? Will we still make our own health choices?  Uniquely and out of character- the government will be concerned with how much money it spends on us and our family’s health.

Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to send these needle happy doctors to the border with a syringe full of “whatever” to keep the American people from being exposed to diseases not addressed in other countries? Oh, that’s right…they get free health care here anyway.

After you peruse the article below, check the link I have provided here on vaccines. CLICK HERE. Read a few. Who cares more for a child, we parents or our government?

Doctors Now Firing Patients Who Reject Vaccinations.

Missed You!

pink apron post sizeIf you were not able to join us at the flagship Pink Apron Regiment meeting on January 21, you missed some very important information. You missed great blessing and God’s hand on the women who attended. Each of us will be sharing our faith with at least two people in the next month and will bring back a report on how we did.

We spent time with one another identifying our obstacles. Most noted was fear and the emotions we attached to the idea of rejection, we also explored the idea of our formidable enemy, the evil one and how he particularly stifles women. Below you will find a brief slide presentation. These are only part of what we talked about but may help you understand some of the “Great Deceptions” we face.
The group also discussed what Dean Gotcher, director of the Institution for Authority Research calls diaprax. I have included with this post some of the slides I used to bring attention to several deceptions working against women who desire to share their faith.

This is a study. It will take you an hour or more just to explore the slides and the DVD. Come back to it often so you can begin to understand the importance of your involvement in P.A.R. If we are going to change the world with the truth, we need to understand our opponents. Sometimes we are our own obstacle because of the way we think. This is related information to what we saw at our meeting- but it is a more in depth study on the topic from YouTube

If you had a problem finding us, remember next time to turn onto Farralone Street and enter the parking lot behind the main church building. The chapel has a leaded window with colorful panels… you can’t miss it if you come into the back parking lot.

I hope you find these slides and downloaded portion of the DVD stimulating and important enough to study. And study you must. This is not lightweight or easy to process, but it is the basis for all of the communication tactics the world uses and what we are tempted to use today.

Understanding bible prophecy is essential to having a sincere burden for the lost. Many bible prophey experts think we are living on borrowed time, that Messiah’s coming for His church could be at any moment. At future meetings we will be viewing some of the most noted and respected prophecy teachers speak to us via DVD on current events and bible prophecy. You don’t want to miss it. Bring a friend!

We will be moving on to another topic at our next meeting February 18; so study up!

Also… keep in mind, Beth Ariel Congregational leader Gary Derechinsky may be available in the future to speak to us on reaching our Jewish family and friends. Please be prayerful of your schedule, priorities and who you think may also benefit from P.A.R.

I look forward to seeing you next time!

Don’t Get Stuck in the Kitchen!

Join us January 21 for the flagship meeting of Pink Apron Regiment (P.A.R.) to be held at Beth Ariel Fellowship in Canoga Park.

Our topic:   “Great Deceptions”

The morning will be challenging and important to the way we see the world and communicate the truth of God’s word.

You are needed in your community whether you are a Mary or Martha. We live in a world full of chaos and deception. Will you join us as we embark on bringing the good news to our lost and dying world?

For more meeting information click here to see our Meeting Info

AND browse the pages of this blog for lots of  information tucked away under the title pages. Hope to hear from you!

Before you leave, check out the special message by clicking here:


Follow Pink Apron Regiment on Twitter. Search for “Diana Peyton” and find the pink polka dots.  Become a follower and get occasional reminders and updates about P.A.R.

Also, at the bottom of this page, find a box called “Over the fence,” where you can chat with other women who are a part of P.A.R.


Practicing not Preaching

I thought since I am about to take on the task of encouraging women to share truth and their faith to a lost world, that I had better get my own act together.

I was out running errands yesterday and had transactions with three different people. Actually four, but one I learned had already put her faith and trust in the Lord.

I carry “Steps to Peace With God” in my purse and leave them at restaurants etc., but I decided to practice some personal contact with these people before I left them with a booklet.

It felt awkward, and I spoke words I don’t normally say because I am not used to this kind of dialogue, but it didn’t take long to figure out what might work.

The most moving response I got was after I had stood in line for about 10 minutes waiting for a cashier. I prayed and asked the Lord what I might say. I also asked Him for what she needed to hear.

I waited until our transaction was over.  I asked her name, introduced myself and told her it was good to meet her. I then said, “I just want to tell you that God loves you, and no matter what you have done in your life, He is ready to forgive you.” I then gave her a booklet and told  her she might want to read it later.

Her face dropped, I saw vulnerability, and some embarrassment. The Lord let me see the power of simply sharing truth with the dying world. A seed was planted, one more soul who might  perish for lack of knowledge of the truth has been given an opportunity to make right their relationship with God.


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