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Depopulation test run? 75% of children who received vaccines in Mexican town now dead or hospitalized –


Mike Adams the “Health Ranger,” reports; children were seiously affected or died in a Mexican town after recieving vaccinations. Out of 52 children vaccinated, 37 babies were sent to the hospital. Read the full report below.

Depopulation test run? 75% of children who received vaccines in Mexican town now dead or hospitalized

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via Depopulation test run? 75% of children who received vaccines in Mexican town now dead or hospitalized –

David Reagan’s Prophetic Manifesto


Has Beth Moore Become a False Teacher?

Many women enjoy Beth Moore bible studies. Her popularity draws thousands of women and men. We need to understand the basic beliefs of those who stand before us as teachers. See this research on Beth Moore by Brannon Howse and World View Weekend ministries.

“Has Beth Moore Become a False Teacher? Brannon Howse and Justin Peters discuss this topic in light of Beth Moore’s own words. Brannon plays video clips of Beth Moore that you must see if you want to know if Beth Moore should be called a false teacher.”

Has Beth Moore Become a False Teacher?.

Columns Ferguson: A Preview Of America’s Burgeoning Police State

Pastor, and Former 2008 Constitution Party Presidential Candidate, Chuck Baldwin, is virtually a lone voice crying in the wilderness in relation to the few men who are now informing people from the word of God about events that are leading to the reduction of freedom; which will ultimately take away our freedom to study the word of God. That is if we still have liberty at all.

Most people are unstudied, and feel they have “no time” to read lengthy dissertations about current events. Sad but true. If you do not have time to read the following article, will you please skip down about 15 paragraphs to what he has to say about Pastors? Consider gathering other believers to move away from a 501C3 (goverenment church) to freedom to worship without government influence or interference?

Please read Baldwin. Please visit his website.

Read “Roman’s 13 The True Meaning of Submission.

See his sermon on Roman’s 13 and the government.


Ferguson: A Preview Of America’s Burgeoning Police State, by Chuck Baldwin, August 21, 2014 

Even America’s smallest towns can be instantly turned into occupied territories as local police agencies quickly transform themselves from peacekeepers into occupying military forces. The small town of Ferguson, Missouri, is living proof of that.


Columns Ferguson: A Preview Of America’s Burgeoning Police State.

Limited Sources Control the Media

Business Insider has published a very interesting graphic depicting the changes in media  ownership from the early 80’s. Our ability to get the news and entertainment has been drastically limited in the last 30 years, giving a half-dozen companies control over just about everything we see or hear on the airwaves.

Getting news and information from these few companies greatly affects how we see the world. If you are able to use the computer, the best places to find real news are at you fingertips, not from your remote control.

See the easy to read graphic here: Business Insider.

Contaminated Gardasil and Door to Door Vaccinations for Whooping Cough

A young woman who had recieved a Gardasil vaccination 2 years ago has now been found to have HPV DNA in her system.  SANE Vax Inc. contracted an independent lab to test the vaccine from different countries around the world and found the same contamination in each of the samples of the product produced by Merck.

SANE Vax Inc.’s Position

SANE Vax Inc. believes the FDA and Merck should be transparent and tell medical consumers the potential health impacts the contaminant HPV DNA has brought upon the vaccinated children of the world. High rates of autoimmune disorders, 380 reports of abnormal pap tests, 137 reports of cervical dysplasia, and 41 reports of cervical cancer including Carcinoma in situ or Cervix carcinoma or Cervix carcinoma stage 0 or Cervix carcinoma stage I or Cervix carcinoma stage III 6 warrants an immediate investigation into Gardasil’s™ safety and efficacy. 

~By Leslie Carol Botha
SANE Vax Inc

The following You Tube looks like it might go “viral” with over 21,000 views in just 5 days. (Send it to those you care about). It is about govt. agents going door to door in a community in Natomas California, forcing parents to allow homeschool children and those who have not received it- the Tdap vaccination, (whooping cough). Not only this but they are acquiring information that will be kept for future invasive visits or for unforeseen reasons in the future.

(Sorry for the use of a thoughtless expletive in the title. Not everyone responds to the world the way a believer might under the circumstances. I cannot change the title on a You Tube.)

Door to Door Vaccinations: Mom to Nurse, ‘Get The F☠ck Out!’ – YouTube.

And another short video

This is an older video which will take about an hour. It is subtitled. Most things we learn come with a certain amount of effort. Please take the time and make the effort to better understand the world of vaccines. It was created to address the additives used in the swine flu vaccine, and subsequent contamination.

It comes in 6 parts via You Tube. Advance to each part or revisit the video at your convenience.

Irena Sendler: a Heroin

Irena Sendler (1910-2008)

Irene Sendler was a true heroin.  May her life be an encouragement to those who do without being acknowledged- and to those who see that the system of honor and heroism in which we now live is sparse when it comes to those we hold in high esteem and why.

Sports personalities, celebrities, politicians and the like, often are void of one thing… character. Being a “character” has replaced having it.

“An unfamiliar name to most people, but this remarkable woman defied the Nazis and saved 2,500 Jewish children by smuggling them out of the Warsaw Ghetto. As a health worker, she sneaked the children out between 1942 and 1943 to safe hiding places and found non-Jewish families to adopt them.” ~Jewish Virtual Library

This is an excellent story about a woman of courage and character to share with girlfriends, sisters and daughters. It proves for us that we can and will do what we have to do, if ever we need to do it.

Read her story on Jewish Virtual Library :

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Washington Monument cracks indicate earthquake damage Photos

Is God not warning America? Cracks in the Washington Monument have occurred due to earthquake damage.

The monument was initially closed right after the earthquake struck at 1:51 p.m. Tuesday. The National Park Service is making no predictions when it will reopen, because evaluations are still underway. ~Washington Post

via Washington Monument cracks indicate earthquake damage Photos – Post Now – The Washington Post.

Abortion Statistics for Israel

International Messianic Jewish Alliance

The newsletter below shares some shocking statistics about abortion in Israel. The genocide there includes over 50,000 babies torn from their mother’s womb each year, according to the Executive Director of the International Messianic Jewish Alliance, Rabbi Joel Liberman.

Please consider supporting the California Civil Rights Foundation. (CCRF) Rev. Walter Hoye II has devoted his life and made it his mission to combat the genocide of abortion at great cost to himself and his family. The question is… what is it costing the rest of us? Do we care?

Please take the time to view the previous posted full length film on genocide (or find it in the Must See Movies drop-down menu above) before you delete this information or pass over the statistics. As a believing women, this is also about you and me. It is about our influence around the world, and about our investment of our time and energies.

Some reading this post may have found themselves in similar situations, perhaps making a choice at a time in your life when legal as you understood it meant moral.  We have come to learn at Pink Apron Regiment that legal is not necessarily moral, and laws are often created by entities whose agenda is not to benefit the masses but to meet the agendas of a few elite. At great cost to the masses.

Find information about the CCRF at the bottom of the following newsletter. Subscriptions are available at the top of the form to receive the “Conflict of Interest” newsletter to your inbox.

If you don’t care; don’t subscribe to the newsletter. Too much junk mail? Maybe we need to get the ” junk” out of our lives and get involved with something eternal.

We have a responsibility to be salt and light in the world. Suffer for the sake of Christ or suffer for nothing; because nothing else matters.

Conflict Of Interest.

Smartphone Pictures may be Traced to Your Location

Here is a video explaining how easy it is for someone to track you or your children down by clicking on your downloaded smart-phone pictures. If you take pictures with your phone in your home, anyone can find your exact location with  simple, free downloadable software.

The good news… you can deactivate the system on your phone so you cannot be tracked, but it will also not allow any GPS tracking of your phone should you need assistance. The choice is yours.

Please pass this information on to friends and family who enjoy sending pictures of their children at various locations. Good people will appreciate the pictures, bad people could exploit them.

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