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Tony Blair and Rick Warren Pair Up for One-World Faith

From previous posts we have learned that Rick Warren is working toward leading his congregation and those who will listen to a different kind of faith. (See: Warren’s Confusion) You have read that Tony Blair and his Tony Blair Faith Foundation is moving toward making it “intolerable” to believe that anyone could go to hell. […]

Rick Warren builds bridge to Muslims – The Orange County Register

It’s time to leave Kansas Dorothy-  if we are waiting for something biblical to come out of the Warren camp. This article may clarify why it is that many true biblical teachers, pastors and concerned Christians are separating themselves from anything that has to do with “America’s Pastor.” He is slowly sliding into the agenda […]

Blair Takes His Religious Idea to Palestinian Schools

The proof is in the pudding as the saying goes. Tony Blair has extended his “olive branch” to the Palestinian Minister of Education to… ”  celebrate the signing of a two-year MOU  (Memorandum of Understanding) to train more than 200 teachers distributed in 100 schools, as part of “Face to Faith” the Foundation’s global schools […]


Many people love and follow Pastor Rick Warren  and lives have been changed all over the world by his,  “40 Days of “_______ ” depending on what you have read. Sadly, watchmen,more learned than I,  have concluded he has become very dangerous to the gospel of Yeshua/Jesus in many ways from embracing Islamists  as partners […]

“The Bitter Burnt Kernel at the Bottom…”

Our dear first lady gave a speech in late June to the First AME Church Conference in Nashville Tennessee to a primarily black American constituancy in which she encouraged the members to get out and vote, and to find others in their communities to do the same. One can appreciate what she said, and there […]

Tri Faith Initiative to Build 35 Acre Center in Omaha

The Tri Faith Inititative has purchased property in Omaha Nebraska to be used for communal purposes by the three most recognized religions in the world, Chistians, Jews and Muslims. People who call themselves Christians, Jews, and Muslims will share  35 acres on the site, with a common building to be used for combined events. A […]

The Great Awakening to Some, the Great Apostasy to God

The following video should scare the socks off of any bible believing Christian.  Glenn Beck appears to be speaking at a church with John Hagee (a supporter of Israel) from the pulpit! How can this be? He is telling his audience that we are in the 3rd great awakening. God is not mocked.  Perhaps this […]

New Inclusive Muslim, Christian, Jewish School of Theology in California

Claremont School of Theology in Claremont, California has received a $50 million “gift” to open the Claremont Lincoln School of Theology which will include, Christians, Jews and Muslims. Claremont School of Theology Grant From philanthropist David Lincoln and his wife, a Christian couple, whose name now titles the school, the money will be used to […]

Local Churches Meeting: Jacob Prasch- The Purpose Driven Lie

Speaking to a Catholic woman this week I was apprised of the fact that her church is embracing the local Jewish Temple down the street by the two visiting one anothers place of worship. On the surface this activity may appear to be a neighborly kindness, but in reality I suspect both have been influenced […]

State Police Extract Cell Phone Info in Michigan-ACLU balks

Most conservative thinkers and believers cringe at the thought of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). For the most part, the impression is… they don’t like Christians, families, churches or anyone else who lives by the principles God has set for man- but  in the state of Michigan, they are challenging the use of “CelleBrite […]