More and Harmful Things Regarding Child Gender Confusion…

As you may know California has a new law allowing people who apply for a state drivers license to identify as the alternate gender; a man may identify as a woman and a woman may identify as a man. California citizens will also be able to change their birth certificates to reflect the same identity as well as their name. (Petition for change of name and gender.)

What keeps them from identifying as an animal? Darwinists/humanists are just a step or two away from identifying as an amoeba. This new gender identity change in the legal realm is an impossibility, since DNA tests reflects a definitive gender from birth. Simply, examining one’s chromosomes will indicate whether one is born male or female.

The identity one chooses is gender identification. No one was born in a female body and is presumed a male and vise versa. Chromosomes don’t lie. The whole thinking in our culture and in the professional world would be considered mental illness if one identified as a turtle, a car or a king.

Our children are also being affected by gender confusion in schools, by parents and medical professionals. TV shows now demonstrate parents who are proud of their children who have taken on new gender identities, and use it for entertainment, making money off of what might be considered child abuse. (See video below.) Children are being medicated with untested drugs, many may cause serious health issues later in life.

In the following presentation sponsored by by the Heritage Foundation, experts discuss this Gender Dysphoria in Children.

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