If:Gathering… Pretty “iffy.”


Hundreds of thousands of women are planning to attend the nationwide “IF:gathering,” being promoted largely by women’s church groups, Christian bookstores and para-church organizations. The event has found it’s way into my local paper, below the fold on the front page. I was surprised to hear the Teaching Leader at the local Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) class endorse it and invite BSF members to participate as a courteous nod to the host church.

I live in the Bible belt, this kind of publicity is not uncommon in my community. As rural and conservative as it is here, this “IF:Gathering” is as new and new age as any big city event. The problem; it IS big city, new age, emergent Christianity at it’s worst.

My statements are not toward women who are deeply desire to please the Lord, worship, or even have fellowship. The “IF” group of speakers are not of the traditional biblical kind. The originator, Jennie Allen; heard a voice that spoke to her in the night according to just one of her statements regarding how “IF” was formed. Later she changed her story at least twice, according to Cedric Fisher, director of Truthkeekers ministries. Fisher was once dabbling, if not fully immersed in the occult activities including Transcendental Meditation, belief in witches, I Chang and other demonic worship.

His articles from his website Truthkeepers exposes not only Allen, but the many other women who have been featured at her events.

We women love to get together. There is such camaraderie among all ages when we are together to worship and pray, to talk and share our hearts. Most women would consider attending the “IF:Gathering” on the basis of being with a friend for the day or having an opportunity with women of like mind.

My advice is to stay away. In fact, tell your friends to read the articles I have linked here before they make a decision. We are in 2017 A.D. (in the year of our Lord) and over 6,000 years from Satan’s first deception in the garden. The worst question ever asked of man, is the same to this day, “Hast God not said?” There are no “new” and improved ways that God has called his children to worship. We worship in Spirit and in Truth, which seems to be hard to come by these days.

Historically we are at a place in the life of the true church to have to question and investigate even the most conservative of movements, pastors and denominational positions. We are not in Kansas anymore Dorothy.

In my own investigation of their website, the Nicene Creed is posted. Being raised Roman Catholic, it is eerily familiar to me as what I learned as the “Apostles Creed.” One of the avenues for end times deception is the idea that bible believing Christians can embrace Roman Catholicism without resisting their teachings. The Nicene Creed includes the statement: “We believe in one holy catholic and apostolic Church.” It’s meaning is of the universal church, but what unsuspecting believer will bother to research this point. And I might add, why is a creed necessary for Bible believers anyway?

click here to see the comparison: The Nicene and Apostles Creed.

Christians desiring attention now have their own video sets, speakers bureaus, book deals, book stores, publishers, public relations managers and mentors for fame. Not to mention public events to spur even the most devoted believer into letting some of their God given cash go to someone or something, which may or may not be of God. What’s worse, is to have to consider: whose god.

“Ye shall know them by their fruits.”

If it is God-Answering the Questions of IF:Gathering

IF: Gathering Speaker Endorses LGBT




One response to “If:Gathering… Pretty “iffy.”

  • Rebecca

    Thanks for the heads-up on the “If” gathering. They are a Social Justice movement group according to the Huffington Post. They are spread out across the country and are associated with churches that don’t use the Nicene Creed, or so it seems. The Nicene Creed is used by Catholics, Lutherans, and other churches, many of which would not want anything to do with Roman Catholics. A Christian would be hard pressed to call themselves Christian without believing what the Nicene Creed says, whether they recite it in church or not. It is a statement of belief for Trinitarians.

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