Which Bible Version are You Using?

holy-bible-downloadGail Riplinger, a former Kent State professor with an extensive academic background and a relationship with Jesus Christ is a God ordained researcher. She has collated  and compared most common versions of the Bible many of us are using in mainline study and churches. She presents copious facts related to our current Bible translations, and the hundreds of errors  in the modern versions compared to the King James Version.

This is not a new video, though probably new to readers of Pink Apron Regiment. It is long and tedious as other teachings have been, but will absolutely change the way you study the bible. It may motivate you to replace the text you have been reading.

Riplinger has other YouTube videos related to this subject. I have provided two here on this site. Take them one at a time and digest what she says in increments. It is overwhelming, and life changing if you care about the purity of God’s Word.  The second video, is a question and answer period.

May God bless the study you are about to undertake and bring you to  THE truth on the other side.

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