No Choice but Trump

Before you “basket of deplorables,” change your mind and vote for the “two -fer -one” Clinton deal because of Donald Trump’s behavior, read on.

We don’t have a choice. To decide not to vote is contrary to our responsibility as citizens who have been given freedom by God to choose our leaders. We are in this position because the people wanted a King,  back in the days of Saul. Ever since then, without the King of Kings we are voting for sinners. Most of whom have not realized they are sinners saved by grace.

Personality traits are telling, as are “private” conversations. We should not be surprised. We live in a promiscuous culture and women are no more saintly than men regarding locker room talk. Just turn on the TV. The level of offense  displayed by  some women at Trump’s remarks and behavior is kind of ironic. Look around and determine just how innocent our culture has become. How do our young women behave in colleges… and the young men? How do they speak? What is their music like? How do we dress our little girls? Hasn’t everything become sexualized in our country and culture. I can’t see a commercial about laundry soap without innuendo or double entendre. What do our elementary children learn in school about sexuality and alternative lifestyles? What about the entertainment industry? Actors and the elites in Hollywood test the decency of audiences in movies and by what they promote. Trump is merely a reflection of the culture. If you think the Clinton’s are any better, do your homework. Read a few books, there is too much to mention here.

No one wants to be spoken of in that manner, nor would you expose your daughters, or ANY young woman to it. But would you rather give her the option to kill a baby when she grows up and have the impression that somehow because it’s legal it is acceptable? Would you want her to suffer emotionally from the regret that abortion will bring into her life years later when she has matured into valuing life?

We CANNOT let the supreme court judges of the near future be decided upon by someone who believes in late term abortion and social justice (which is a nice way of describing socialism; taking your hard earned cash and even-ing out the playing field by giving it to someone who thinks they deserve more). This does not address the other issues that will drive us away from the Constitution as we know it.

In the face of Trump’s bad behavior, remember, we are not voting for a pastor. We are voting from a conscience based on what we know God values. First and foremost, He alone gives life and He alone has the authority to take it away.

Nothing  else matters if we as a nation have no respect for life. Today, we get rid of the unborn, tomorrow maybe it will be the elderly and infirm who draw on the economy.

We don’t have a great choice. But we also don’t have options as I see it.We can behave smuggly  and not vote, or write someone in, but it will only reduce the chances of life for millions of unborn children to die in the womb.. The decision we make in this election may determine our own future also. I am still voting Trump unless Jesus comes or something changes. I don’t feel I have a choice.

I don’t want to look MY Lord in the eye when I see Him and have to tell him I was “offended” by someone’s bad behavior in contrast to consenting to someone condoning and striving to BE God by taking life and making it a right (rite) of the people.

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