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CRY OUT! 2016

women-of-god-01Cry Out! Is a national women’s conference to be held in Indianapolis Indiana September 22-24. During the event a simulcast will be presented on Friday September 23 for women around the country to join in, at a time beneficial to your time zone.

Your participation will be for an evening of worship and prayer for our nation.

You are invited to find a church that is participating in your area or develop a plan to gather women in your sphere of influence to pray for our nation.  Invite a group into your home or church, or any environment where you may broadcast the event.

Don’t miss this opportunity to pray for our nation with other like minded women. Log on to the website CRY OUT 2016 to get all the information you need to plan a group.

             Learn the lyrics to the theme of the event, sing it as a praise as you prepare to join other women who will humble themselves in worship and prayer.

Find the lyrics to the CRY OUT! song Hearts Cry below.





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