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What American Women Need to Know Before They Vote: “Emma’s Warning: the Communist Deception”

This interview was recorded in 2012.  Emma is an American citizen  who was conscripted into the  Communist  Cuban  military  during a visit to her family in Cuba in the 1960’s. Her story is real and gripping.

Politics and politicians are critically changing  the United States. Our freedoms are being stripped from us. Please take the time to listen to what Emma has to say to us, and particularly to American women. Before you go to the voting booth in November it’s imperative that you understand what yo are voting for.

I encourage you to make this video go viral. Have coffees in your home show it to your friends. Sometimes all one needs is a testimony of the truth.

This film has been edited and extra historical photos and information have been included, with appreciation to a Egavas Studios.


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