To Keep and Bear Arms; Chuck Baldwin

I am never disappointed when I read columns by Chuck Baldwin. He has a wealth of common sense for the Christian uninformed by pastors and teachers who neglect the importance of Constitutional freedom. Our right to self protection is given to us by God. I don’t know that waiting on another person to protect me is such a good deal these days.

We live in times of preparation, not only for the coming of the Lord, but for what lies ahead for a country full of people happy to take money from your pocket… to give to someone else.

Congressman Bob McEwen refers to this as a “third party purchase,” the idea is that your right to choose how you spend your money is given to someone else who does not care the way you would, hasn’t earned it, and has no problem spending it irresponsibly. Sometimes the taking is in the form of taxes, and as people become more dependent on government, it also comes in the form of theft or other serious crimes. As Americans, bearing arms is one of our Constitutional rights and in my opinion, one of our responsibilities.

See Chuck’s latest column below if you are not sure about firearms, or where to start to understand them. You may also find information on the Gun Owners of America website: which has credible information about gun safety and your right to keep and bear arms.

Chuck Baldwin: Columns To Keep And Bear Arms: What And Why

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