Christian Love Gone Wrong – “I’m a Christian and I LOVE the Qur’an”


Professor Walter Veith series on secret societies tied to the Catholic Church,  indicate that the world is changing very rapidly to bring persecution to fundamental bible believing Christians. Islam and Roman Catholicism as Veith points out, are both being used to drive fundamentalists  into persecution and rejection by society.

All of these kinds of events  and attitudes as seen on the poster above are clearly part of a plan for what George Bush senior called, a “New World Order.” Innocence, deception and ignorance feed into the plan. Be aware.

Read the following article below, then go to “The Secret Behind Secret Societies” It will take about 1 1/2 hours to view the entire video on YouTube, but Professor Veith’s research is so thorough, it is hard to see things otherwise. If you doubt his credentials, you will also find his testimony on YouTube. Then make up you own mind.

Christian Love Gone Wrong – “I’m a Christian and I LOVE the Qur’an”.

~ Article filed at Prophecy News Watch;  December 23, 2015


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