Walter Veith: The New World Order

Dr. Walter Veith demonstrates his scientific mind through myriads of quotes and published information by people with influence, that a New World Order is all but here. The video is from a series called “Amazing Discoveries.”

This lecture is tedious. It is filled with information. Dr. Veith has done his homework. Please see it to the end. You will be discouraged and may be fearful  by it’s content until then. If you do not hear all of the information in the video, the end will have little meaning.

Dr. Veith also shares his incredible testimony in another video on YouTube, if you are uncertain in any way about his credibility. One caveat to his ministry to some might be that he is a Seventh Day Adventist. I suggest you overlook this distinction and appreciate what he shares. It will have value to you in decisions you make to live out and share your faith as well as explain why the world seems to be upside down. Maranatha!


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