UK Facing “Asian” Rape Gangs

The headline above reads that way because media in the UK like those in the US are more terrrified of being politically correct than of their young girls being abused and raped. Their use of the term “Asian” is entirely misleading. (Click on the article link below for photos of these “Asian” men.)

There isn’t much to add to the following video regarding the issue of crime against non-Muslims in the UK. The interviews are important to American’s who think that the religion of Islam is peaceful.  Many people who are in the Islamic faith are peaceful, but their religious books (which are not studied by many in the religion) propose violence.

Exposing organized crime against children, in the name of religion is not racist. The media has no problem identifying people who are of other faiths as representative of the entire group, ie: Christians and Jews; though there are many who think differently in these groups about issues of their faith.

I use the term “in the name of religion,” because as you will hear in the video as Gavin Boby describes it, men are given freedom and encouragement to rape young girls as a part of their religion. No other men in the mainstream of religious life are taught to do such harm to others. In fact in this country- they are rapists, and pedephiles; criminals of the worst kind.

See the article here: 1,400 Children ~Jamie Glazov Productions

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