Pastor, and Former Presidential Candidate, Chuck Baldwin,  is virtually a lone voice crying in the wilderness in relation to the few men who are now informing people from the word of God about events that are leading to the reduction of freedom; which will ultimately take away our freedom to study the word of God. That is if we still have liberty at all.

I know most people are unstudied, and feel they have “no time” to read lengthy dissertations about current events. Sad but true. If you do not have time to read the following article, will you please skip down about 15 paragraphs to what he has to say about Pastors? Will you consider gathering other believers to move away from a 501C3 (government church) to freedom to worship without government influence or interference? Please read Baldwin. Please visit his website. Read “Romans 13 The True Meaning of Submission. See his sermon on Romans 13 and the government.


Ferguson: A Preview Of America’s Burgeoning Police State, by Chuck Baldwin, August 21, 2014 

Even America’s smallest towns can be instantly turned into occupied territories as local police agencies quickly transform themselves from peacekeepers into occupying military forces. The small town of Ferguson, Missouri, is living proof of that.

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