Choose You This Day, Whom You Will Serve

California Congressman Brad Sherman is planning to urge Congress to sign on to new legislation he has entitled “ENDA”  ( Employment Non-Discrimination Act) that makes  it mandatory that every employer must hire GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual or Transgender) persons whether they have a government contract or not. In a recent Newsletter he sent to his constituants he writes:

“… I joined with colleagues to introduce the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, known as ENDA, which prohibits all employers from basing employment decisions on sexual orientation or gender identity.” (emphasis mine).

“…My colleagues on the Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus and I continue to press for a vote in the House on ENDA, which passed in the Senate with bipartisan support earlier this year.”

“It is time that Congress acts to reinforce the most basic of protections for all workers regardless of sexual orientation and uphold the American tradition of fairness in the workplace.”

This legistlation may affect your church or your Christian School. Write or call your Congressman now. Tell your Pastor to get involved.

“Nations get the leaders they deserve” ~ Jacob Prasch

Or does Rob Bell represent you?

If your church is a 501-C3 tax exempt, it is a “government” church.

It is time to stand for your constitutional rights while you still have them.


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