Blue Skies?

View above San Fernando Valley Aug. 29, 2012

View above San Fernando Valley Aug. 29, 2012

This past Sunday morning in Southern California there was not a cloud in the sky. The air was clear and the canopy above was a brilliant blue with not a wisp of clouds in sight. Later in the afternoon, the sky was filled with white lines, spreading; appearing a little like cumulus clouds, but they were not. I watched as time after time that afternoon, planes emitting toxic chemical trails left vapors in the sky, mimicking clouds.

Other planes, like that of passenger jets also crossed the skies. The difference in their emissions was that their vapor trails disappeared shortly after the plane had passed. On the other hand, the chem-trails lasted all day. Not only did they muck up the sky, but they stayed IN the sky slowly spreading to form a massive dome of chemicals across a very wide strip of land, perhaps the entire San Fernando Valley.

In the following film you will learn that the debris that is left in the air,  is extremely toxic, much of it fine aluminum, barium and strontium particles.

I remember being a kid in the 60’s in Southern California, when the smog used to get into my lungs and make it hard to breathe after a day in the swimming pool, but that was addressed by outlawing those things that would create smog.  Back then- there was a concern for the health and well being of the community, not the pocket book. Things have changed.

Get more info; click here: Stop Spraying California

See the whole film here: What in the World are They Spraying

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