Four Years to Beat Down God Given Rights

flag th_bfbaa425In the world of politics, many people think it just doesn’t matter who we elect. Their thinking is that the corrupt will get their just dues in time, maybe by their Creator.

At this time in history, if we were to lay God’s design for the people’s servants over our current administration, as John MacArthur so wisely put it, we see a Romans 1 government. Where does that leave the honest, law abiding, God fearing citizen? In defensive mode. In defense of freedom, morals, rights given by God and a country founded on biblical principles.

Man will never have comfortable government, because; since the nation Israel demanded a King Saul, God has given man the choice to suffer the consequence of not allowing Him to be King over humanity. As God allows judgement and consequence to fall first on an ineffective church, (with homosexuality and abortion ie: population control; high on the governmental agenda) we see blessings, given by Him, taken by men without morals or principles. God does care about government, and what His people do with it, or about it. His people are not void of responsibility for influencing their leaders.

In process, Americans are being cornered with lightening speed into a place of servitude to a cruel taskmaster- political control instead of the freedom to serve God. Call it socialism, communism, fascism- it is here. This is never good for a culture, it has never worked throughout history without the death of millions due to starvation or genocide.

With the campaign to confiscate and control firearms, we must be vigilant. It will take every thinking, God fearing, man and woman to stay in this battle for freedom. Take your weapon today; take your home tomorrow, then take you if they don’t like the way you think.

This administration is bearing down hard while the iron is hot. Today they are “in power.”  They have four years to chip away at the average American who is raising a family and working to put food on the table.

These are times of higher calling. The TV needs to go off and the reading light turned on. Church potlucks need to be altered to include discussions, and information sharing regarding current situations. We need to influence by letter writing and/or support of others who do. Fellowship comes in many forms, not just around a hot meal. We have become increasingly dependent on others to take up the torch. We must be the others now, there is no one else.

If Americans, and particularly believing Christians, who should know where our freedoms come from, will not invest in their own well being; we will be like the nation Israel in her own disobedience to God in the old testament- in captivity. We do need to learn from history, most important- the history of Israel.

Maybe we should read the Word of God first.

See: Obama Administration Accused of Wanting to Confiscate Guns ~Washington Times

One response to “Four Years to Beat Down God Given Rights

  • Carolyn Ensley

    Hi Diana…thank you….I want you to bring your letter soI can send one too .to whoever it needs to go to as well as other peole in the study sending letters. The service for Ingey Hurley should be well attended on Mar2nd. This Thursday my grandaughter is coming from Idaho,so there will be no Bible study. We will resume the following week,Lord willing……love Carolyn

    Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2013 16:46:51 +0000 To:

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