revised: I Want to Break Your Heart

(nchild broken heart imagesote… some of you may not be able to see the following film without going directly to the Pink Apron Regiment website. This is a repost of the original.)

I want to break your heart with the following film,  “The Silent Scream, ” from 1984. It is the controversial video showing an actual abortion via ultra sound.  It is very disturbing.

I can’t imagine what we would be able to see with today’s technology. If you think you are too “delicate” to watch, I say, shame on you! Aren’t the babies who are facing death by extraction with the consent and support of your current administration “delicate?”

No believer should be without understanding about what their elected officials have signed on as law. Not to mention our president.

I remember being a young woman and hearing that abortion had been legalized. I was not a believer at the time, and I always wanted to be a mother, but I wondered that if the government said it was okay…maybe it was. I decided I could never do it but it did trouble me. It left me curious about life, and development in the womb. I just knew by intuition- that a baby in the womb was a person, not a blob.

For those women who have been misled into getting abortions, including believers, I know this  is a sensitive issue. I can’t imagine the devastation of learning after the fact that the “blob” of tissue medical personnel and others referred to as a fetus- was indeed a living, child with heartbeat, and capacity for pain.

In today’s Los Angeles Times it is reported that support for abortion is growing. Could this have anything to do with the ungodly stance our administration is taking? People follow their leaders, sometimes out of ignorance, sometimes out of convenience. Sometimes because they are too lazy to learn the truth. They are confused about what real leadership is… as God designed it.

Watch this short film and remember who it is in your government system that is not only accepting it but endorsing abortion. Most astounding is that our African American/ Black (don’t mean to be offensive, I can’t keep up with the political correctness)  president is contributing to the annihilation of his own people. See: Issues for Life Foundation. 

According to the above websites stats:

“SO FAR IN 2012: Babies aborted by Planned Parenthood: 49,538 | Taxpayer dollars paid to Planned Parenthood: $ 69,112,340″ ~Foundations for life,

and this is only January.

Behold your newly sworn in president, in support of late term abortion. Listen closely at the beginning (turn up the volume) when a reporter asks about “late term abortion,” meaning; up to the time of delivery.

Make up your mind people, where do you stand? The line is in the sand.

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