It’s Here!

burning constitutionI was having a conversation with one of my sons yesterday, now in his 30’s, about the current sociopolitical climate for freedom loving people in this country. I was telling him about the expose’ “The Marketing of Madness,” (which can be found on You Tube or on this site) regarding an outright campaign funded primarily by drug companies and enhanced by slight of hand government participation, to get every person in America (and elsewhere) on some form of psychotropic drug. This can easily be achieved through the new Executive Orders on Gun Control.

My son has never taken my word for it on anything, he is a researcher by nature. He said in response to me; “Mom, it’s here. Everyone knows there are no more conspiracies, it’s real. The question is… what are we going to do about it?”

I was a little stunned at his response. It somehow confirmed the cold, dark, reality that, it IS here. The Socialist, Marxist, freedom stealing, Christian hating environment we have never seen before in America, is now the norm.

I wonder why most of my believing sisters are still so busy in the kitchen. Why are they still meeting for teas and bible studies in the early morning on Ruth or Mary and Martha, when their country, and right to have such activities, are burning down around them. And while their children are slowly turning into wards of the state, being told they “need medication,” and must comply with muslim tradition when they study that culture.

I am reminded of a dog I once had. A Shetland Sheepdog. I wanted one badly after her predecessor of the same breed ran out of the front door and on to the street in front of an oncoming vehicle. When I went to the breeders house to pick up “Pollyanna,” I didn’t take seriously that not only was she the runt of the litter, but she was skiddish and hid under furniture at every turn. I forked over the money anyway, because I wanted another dog. She never really changed.

Have we all become “Pollyanna’s?”

I have come to a conclusion, one that will seem rather controversial, but needs to be said. “It’s about submission.” Few of us understand the biblical description of who and when we should submit to, and in particular, in my opinion, many believing women are afraid to speak. Hidden behind what some preachers and teachers call their “leader,” (husband) they assume that with that blessing comes mute. Everything they think and feel, all of their opinions must first come under the evaluation of their spouse, or perhaps their pastor. It is a scary thought because I think most women have a closer walk with God than the most learned clergy.

Here’s why…

In the garden, Eve identified her tempter, she confessed to God that she did eat of the tree, who had tempted her (identifying the serpent for the evil being he is) and left herself open to God’s scrutiny. On the other hand, Adam- well good ‘ole Adam, set the stage for his story telling progeny, claiming his wife was his temptress. (Implying: “if it were not for this specimen fashioned from your own hands and my rib, (not from dust) I would not have committed this act.)

The bible teaches us that it is by Adam’s sin that all men are born into sin, not Eve’s. God also promised the same enmity between Eve and the serpent as between the “one who would crush his head,” (Christ). Ever since the garden, it is my assertion that Eve, (woman) has a completely different relationship with her Creator. Hence, women most often have a deeper, more intimate walk with God, because our communication was not tainted by the first lie. Adam’s was. I also assert that it is much more difficult for men in general to humble themselves before God. (Just look in the Old Testament for this one.)

However, women have been trained, “brain-washed;”  if you will, not only to not think for themselves, but also to not take the world around them, and/or prophecy seriously. Before you start praying for my repentance…I did not say all nor do I mean all.  But most women who study the bible are continually bombarded with messages of submission; either to husband, church, pastor, or government, and yet we have the least encumbered relationships with God, and have the greatest influence on our culture.

Behind every great man is an even greater women, but most often she is hoping no one will see her or even ask her a question! We have also come into the world on the heels of at least 6,000 years of deception!

It’s here. It’s all here. The battle for truth and freedom is well on it’s way. Will you accept this wake-up call and get involved.

Take some time and listen to Chuck Baldwin’s series of messages on submission, and think for yourself; and decide what you will do now with the information.

See: Chuck Baldwin on Romans 13 in the drop down menu above titled “Worldviews

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